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​Storebrand to challenge the Danish investment market

Pressemelding   •   apr 05, 2019 09:20 CEST

TO DENMARK: Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO of Storebrand Asset Management.

Norway's largest private asset manager enters the Danish market with five equity funds, which will aim to raise awareness about sustainable investments, index investments and multifactor funds in the Danish market.

It will be a historic reunion when one of the largest financial actors in the Nordics returns to Denmark with the aim of changing investment habits in Denmark. The Storebrand Group was founded in Denmark back in 1767 and is today one of the leading players in the Nordic market with more than DKK 550 billion under management, primarily in Norway and Sweden. In Denmark, Storebrand Asset Management will initially launch five unique equity funds for private and professional customers, that focus on sustainability, multi-factor and index based management.

– We have chosen to launch five carefully selected equity funds from Storebrand Asset Management, which will each fulfill a need that is not covered in the Danish market at present. In the Nordic region, we are known for our work with sustainable investment products. We a have a unique offering that we believe will be attractive to the Danish market, says Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO of Storebrand Asset Management.

Nordic sustainability pioneers
Storebrand Asset Management is a leading player in the Nordic market and a pioneer within the field of sustainable investments. Storebrand Asset management has been at the forefront of sustainable investing since the mid 1990’s and has to date one of the most experienced ESG teams in the Nordic region. Its group-wide sustainable investment policy, applies to all assets under management.

– Our investment strategy is based on the belief that companies that act responsibly and help solve challenges facing society in a sustainable way are the ones who will be the most profitable long term. The need to address global environmental and social challenges has never been greater and our priority is to deliver sustainable investment solutions, which provide clients with optimal risk-adjusted returns without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, Saugestad continues.

The cheapest index-based funds in the Danish market
The Danish market, and their banks, have historically had a penchant for actively managed funds. The selected funds will help to change this by launching two global index-based funds in Denmark that differ from other similar funds in two important respects. First, the fees are among the lowest in the Danish market. Second, the funds consist of portfolios that closely resemble their respective benchmark but with an added sustainable overlay by opting out of the companies that Storebrand Asset Management consider to be unsustainable and are replaced by similar, but more sustainable companies.

The first multifactor fund to Denmark
With Storebrand Asset Managemet entering the Danish market, it is now also possible to invest in a multi-factor management fund. Factor investing strategies are increasingly growing in popularity around the world. Factor investment allows investors to be exposed to one or more carefully selected types of investment factors. Storebrand multi-factor uses four different factors, value, momentum, size and low volatility. By systemizing the selection criteria and benefiting from companies different characteristics, the multi factor strategy is designed to identify winners, working well over long periods of time under differing market conditions.

Storebrand Asset Management has more than ten years of experience within factor investments and is with DKK 14.2 billion DKK assets under management a leading provider within factor investment in Scandinavia.

– We are pleased and proud that SKAGEN Funds has become the distributor of Storebrand funds in Denmark. Storebrand has long track record and great experience in combining sustainability with innovative investment products. With these five new funds in Denmark, we get the opportunity to deliver a broad portfolio of products that complement each other and that we are sure the Danish market will appreciate, says Jens Elkjær, CEO of SKAGEN Funds Denmark.

Storebrand Multi-boutique
Storebrand delivers sustainable investment solutions through a multi-boutique platform, with the brands Storebrand Funds, SKAGEN Funds, Delphi Funds and SPP Funds.

About Storebrand

Storebrand's ambition is to be the best provider of saving for pensions. Storebrand will deliver sustainable solutions adapted to the customer's individual situation, so that each person receives a better pension in a more sustainable world. Storebrand has about 40.000 corporate customers and 1.9 million individual customers, and is headquartered in Lysaker outside of Oslo, Norway. Storebrand manages more than NOK 700bn and is Norway's largest asset manager. We work hard to reach our vision: Recommended by our customers. Storebrand (STB) is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.

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