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Technology development vital for growth

Pressemelding   •   aug 15, 2012 09:37 CEST

The federation of Norwegian industries has emphasized the importance of technology development in order for the Norwegian suppliers within the oil and gas field to increase their competitiveness in the international market.

It is within this context that Cad-Quality has become an important technological vendor in an increasingly competitive market.

Cad-Q has during the past five years built an organization consisting of 230 professionals specializing in tools that contribute to strengthening the engineering process, both adapted to engineering tools as well as solutions taking care of product and project information.

Supporting essential business aspects

Cad-Q support the engineering process by automation and adaptation of our CAD solutions from Autodesk, and enabling utilization of data from the R&D/Engineering to other departments with our own Sovelia PLM solution.

Our goal is to further develop our 3D solutions, which have become a de facto standard in certain environments, and provide companies with the necessary tools to utilize data from the R&D and Engineering departments in all processes that entails design, production, procurement, sales and aftermarket sales, states Anders Mellingen, Norwegian Business Area Manager for Industry Solutions.

As the engineering processes have become both automatized and computerized, information flow is a vital asset that should be valued and prioritized.

Ensuring that product information is flowing consistently between all departments involved in the application of engineering data, represents a huge cost saving potential, Anders Mellingen continues.

Cad Quality is owned by the Addnode Group, which is Europe’s largest provider of IT solutions for design, engineering and product lifecycle management.

New opportunities for the oil and gas insustry

With a joint database for engineering data you close the gap between design data and product information, much needed to maintain important business processes such as documentation, supply chain management, sales and aftermarket strategy.

Basically, you remove bottle necks and error sources that usually cost both time and money, Anders Mellingen explains.

Cad Quality Norway recently acquired the company Cad Teknikk, an acquisition that will strengthen the company’s maritime expertise, especially within the field of oil and gas.

This is a major area of investment as we believe we have a lot to offer Norwegian suppliers within the oil and gas industry. We want to be a contributor in the technological adventure that will make Norwegian stakeholders even more competitive on the international arena, Anders Mellingen concludes.

For more information:

Anders Mellingen, Business Area Manager Industry

Telefon:+47 415 22 203


Cad-Q er Nordens ledende leverandør av modell- og tegningsrelatert IT. Vi arbeider med implementering av programvare, opplæring, support og IT-støtte av CAD-systemer til bygg, eiendom- og industrisektorene. Cad-Q ble grunnlagt i 1989 og har 230 medarbeidere på 20-talls kontorer i Norge, Sverige, Danmark og Finland. Cad-Q er en del av Addnode-konsernet som er notert på O-listen i Sverige.

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