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Here comes the (24/7) sun

Pressemelding   •   mai 12, 2014 13:49 CEST

Sunshine in the middle of the night. People are barbequing, children are playing soccer and the birds are singing at 3 am inthe morning. The midnight sun have reached the Arctic  northern Norway.

After a long winter with snow shuffling, dark afternoons and electronic lights turned on during the days, the locals in Lyngenfjord are welcoming the fantastic summer nights.

- It feels like a new beginning. The life is coming back to you, you are getting more things done and the  long nights inspires you to spend time on outdoor activities, says Ingeborg Johnsen who works as a society planner in Lyngen commune.

The sun barely touches the horizon before it reverses up again. This arctic part of the world get the reward for the dark months, even though the northern lights have been amazing this year.

- The different seasons are important to us. Every period have their own charm, with skiing and northern lights during November to March and after that, when every day is getting longer and longer until the darkness is totally gone. The people here in Lyngenfjord are living up- they socialize more, spending time with their friends and find on various activities, Johnsen says and smiles towards
the sun.

The midnight sun starts to shine 20nd of May until 22nd of July in Lyngenfjord. Activities that are perfect for these months are cycling, hiking, horseback riding and fishing. The best part is- you can do it anytime during the day and night!

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