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Mr Q and the hunting for Northern lights

Pressemelding   •   jan 08, 2014 14:46 CET

The distance between Bangkok and Lyngenfjord is 8228 kilometres. Mr Q have switched the tropical city heat in Thailand to the arctic weather in Northern Norway and the mission is capture the magical Northern lights.

 The Northern lights in Lyngenfjord is visible from September to March. The famous light phenomena shows in the sky in high latitudes in the world. Many people have a dream to experience the Northern lights and one of them is Mr Q from Thailand. He has never been this north and has preparing his trip for a long time.

- I have never drive on icy roads and I have only seen snow once in Japan, so this is very exotic for me! he says.

 He has rent a car and is staying on Magic Mountain Lodge in Lyngseidet. The map is lying unfolded on the table in the big living room and the plan for the evening is to drive to Alta, keeping the eyes on the sky to find the perfect spot to see the magic lights. Mr Q has eight days (or nights) and he is hopeful.

 - The chances are looking good, I have checked out the Aurora forecast. I am bringing three men from Brazil and one girl from USA that I did not knew from before, and that is funny! He says while writing down the names on the places they are driving to.

 Northern lights are unpredictable and you need patience, time and warm clothes. The chances increases during clear, cold nights but it can come and go very fast. The last two nights, Mr Q have not spotted any Aurora Borealis but he has a huge when he comes back after this night.

- I have never been happier! We were standing there, watching the Northern lights in green, pink and white. The Brazilians were screaming!

Mr Q is very satisfied with the night and the beautiful pictures he has taken but the hunting will continue the next night. He will take a couple from Portugal with him and he will drive around all night.

 - I will definitely come back. Maybe I can be an official Northern lights- guide in Lyngen!



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