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SOFTissue, InterContinental Hotel Geneva - Friday September 7th, 2012 - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

News   •   Aug 03, 2012 08:27 GMT


Advances in breast reconstruction & revision with TIGR® Matrix

SPEAKER – Hilton Becker MD

Hilton Becker, MD is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Becker is located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Dr. Becker is the pioneer of the one stage breast reconstruction. This procedure is performed atthe same time as the mastectomy. He is also the developer of the adjustable breast implant including the Mentor Becker implant, Spectrum® implant, and the new adjustable gel Spectra® implant.    

This event is to be held within the InterContinental Hotel, Geneva. Download the event invitation HERE or mail to: if you would like to attend.

TIGR® Matrix is the world’s 1st long-term resorbable, 100% synthetic matrix. It is warp knitted from two different resorbable fibers that degrade at different rates following implantation.

TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh was developed based on the hypothesis that soft tissue positively remodels in response to the stimulus of increased mechanical load (mtr). It is strong for 6-9 months and gone in 3 years.

This unique patented dual-fiber design provides an initial high strength / high stability configuration, with gradually increasing mechanical compliance over time as the device loses strength and is resorbed.

After an initial 2 week healing phase the increasing mechanical compliance results in a gradual transition of load from the mesh to the patient -
inducing mechanotransduction.

Mechanotransduction is the physiological process by which cells sense and respond to mechanical loads.

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