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Novus Scientific to Showcase Increased Ease of Use, Low Complication Rate and High Cost Efficiency of TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh at London Breast Meeting

Press Release   •   Sep 04, 2014 16:06 GMT

LONDON—4 Sept. 2014—Novus Scientific, an innovator in the development and commercialization of resorbable synthetic polymers medical devices and creator of TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh, will be exhibiting at the London Breast Meeting.  Hosted by the Royal College of Physicians, the three day meeting is the first of its kind in Europe.  The scientific symposium will address technical advances in the complex area of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

Novus Scientific will also be conducting on-camera interviews with surgeons who have used medical devices in breast surgeries. TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh is a new alternative that promotes tissue regeneration via a fully resorbable disappearing mesh. This helps reduce infection and complication rates resulting in higher post-op quality of life and satisfaction.

Novus is also announcing that it will be included in a groundbreaking UK study of medical devices used in breast surgery called iBRA ( This intensive analysis of both aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries, led in part by Dr. Sue Refsum of Belfast hospital, will compare and contrast patient outcomes. TIGR is the only long term resorbable matrix mesh selected for this survey.

Leading surgeons across the globe are choosing to use TIGR® Matrix, a degradable surgical matrix knitted from synthetic resorbable polymers intended to support and reinforce tissue for 6-9 months and absorb completely after 3 years.  TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh is used to reinforce soft tissue in reconstructive or aesthetic breast surgery as well as other surgical procedures like abdominal wall. Clinical data and key opinion leading surgeons suggest that TIGR®​ Matrix brings added value in the form of greater ease of use, low complication rate and high cost efficiency. 

“We at Novus Scientific have long prided ourselves on our ability to identify clinical needs and to develop innovative products to address those needs,” said Stefan Sowa of Novus located in Uppsala, Sweden.  “We are pleased to join our colleagues at the London Breast Meeting to further the discussion about the needs of breast surgeons across the world.  By introducing a new audience to TIGR® Matrix and the benefits it provides to women and surgeons alike, it is our belief that our product will improve the field of aesthetic and reconstructive breast medicine.  

To view the clinical data, presented in the study titled “The Use of Synthetic Mesh in Reconstructive, Revision, and Cosmetic Breast Surgery,” please visit:

On-site Contact:

Mike Smith, PR for Novus Scientific

Washington, DC  703-623-3834

About Novus Scientific

Novus Scientific AB ( develops, manufactures and markets resorbable implants that help the body’s own healing. The company founder and management have prior medical device manufacturing experience. Thomas Engstrom sold Radi Medical Systems, AB, to St. Jude Medical, Inc. TIGR Matrix is a slowly degradable synthetic surgical mesh which contributes mechanical strength until tissue is recreated and resorbs then is eliminated through the body’s natural pathways.

TIGR® Matrix ( is a slowly degradable synthetic surgical mesh, which contributes mechanical strength until the body itself recreated tissue strength and then excreted through natural pathways.

Main applications are:

• To stabilize the tissue around the implant during breast reconstruction after cancer.

• Restoring abdominal wall function for complex incisional hernia.

• Strengthening suture line reinforcement after laparotomy to reduce the risk of wound dehiscence and incisional hernia.