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Climbing the top of Kebnekaise makes a contribution of 34 000 SEK to the Swedish UN Association's project "Flicka"

Press Release   •   Oct 02, 2016 21:40 BST

Employees from O'Learys' restaurant chain and partners reached September 2nd the top of Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest mountain. O'Learys Trademark donates 1 000 SEK to Swedish United Nations Association's project Flicka (Girl) for each participant who reachedf the top and the company Dafgårds contributes with an additional 10 000 SEK.

- This is the fourth year that  "Friends of the Mountain" get to the top of Kebnekaise, says Christian Bellander, CEO of O'Learys Trademark. An incentive for everybody to reach the top is that they help to make a difference for girls' lives in Ethiopia.

O'Learys Trademark has since June 2013 a partnership with the Swedish United Nations Association with the CSR program Meal4Meal to help children in Ethiopia and DR Congo to receive free school meals. During trips to Ethiopia employees from O'Learys have visited schools covered by the project "Skolmat" but also villages where the United Nations run project "Flicka", Girl. The project is for girls' rights and reproductive health and supports efforts in the Afar region of Ethiopia. During the first trip to Ethiopia in spring 2015 the idea was born to also support project "Flicka".

- United Nations Association congratulates once again O'Learys and partners to a well executed hike to Kebnekaise. Partnerships with companies like O'Learys Trademark means a lot to the UN's work for the rights of girls, says Jens Petersson, Acting Secretary General of the United Nations Association.

O'Learys Trademark invited employees at O'Learys restaurants as well as partners and suppliers to join the trip. The company NeH assisted with clothing to cope with the cold weather and restaurant wholesaler Dafgårds decided to increase the sum to the Swedish United Nations Association.

- We at Dafgårds are very pleased that, together with O'Learys to contribute to project "Flicka", an important project that provides many vulnerable girls better opportunities in life, says Carl Dafgård.

O'Leary's three core values are Fair, Passionate, Proud and this year focused evaluation work at the Proud.

- I am proud of our dedication of "Friends of the Mountain" as well as the participants who challenge themselves by reaching the top. It makes me also very proud that we contribute to the development of human rights, says Christian Bellander.

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