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Year of Proud at O'Learys - Superb Service Award in September

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2016 19:04 BST

Noora was awarded with Superb Service in September.

Our teams have a passion for food, sports and people and share our core values: Fair Passionate Proud. This year we focus on the value Proud. We are each of us proud to be a part of the O’Learys family, our restaurant and our craft. We believe to feel pride is about increasing knowledge, being dedicated to details and having confidence about yourself.

We acknowledge our staff who has achieved the award Superb Service as a part of the Mystery Shopper evalutation and survey. Noora was awarded with Superb Service in September. 

Noora Miettinen, O'Learys

How does it feel to have been awarded the Superb Service?

- Of course it feels very good! It´s nice to get good feedback and especially when it comes from a guest. With this award it becomes easy to continue and develop my skills.

What does Proud mean to you?

 -I´m proud of what I do as a waitress and fortunate that I have found a relaxed team who also gives feedback. It’s also important to be proud of a good work environment and that we have satisfied customers.

What are you Proud of when it comes to O'Learys as a brand?

-That it’s a relaxed and sporty brand where we embrace all different kinds of people both. Our product range is just right. It´s nice to follow the brands expansion out in the world and you still feel the same feeling wherever you go.


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