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Slimmer spotlights with Steffi-D 25° from Optoga

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 19, 2018 07:34 CET

Steffi-D from Optoga with the new 25° lens.

With Steffi-D and the new lens with 25° beam angle you can design slim, minimal spotlights with ease. Steffi-D has a diameter of only 44.7mm and no need for a driver.

Steffi-D is one of our most popular LED-light engines for AC thanks to the compact form factor and that it is simple to mount. The specifications makes it a versitile module that fits in many types of fixtures and environments. It is available with 50° lens for downlights and is also used in decorative pendulum fixtures as well as outdoor lights.

New lens for spotlights

Now we have develped a 25° elegant lens for spotlights. The small complete module can now be used in slim, well designed spotlights.

Steffi-D has a diameter of only 44.7 mm and builds 14mm. Thanks to Steffi-D’s to versions of 5W and 10W and three options for colour temperature it can be used in a number of fixtures. Totally without a driver since it is connected direct to mains 230VAC.

Steffi-D with 50° lens for downlights and 25° lens for spotlights.

Read more about specifications on Optogas website, here.

Optoga provide optimized LED-light solutions, integrated light engines that enable luminaire manufacturers to focus on satisfying their end-customers with a perfect light. Quicker and simpler.

With the OptoDrive® LED-light engines, Optoga has taken the initative to replace strip lights, incandecent and halogen bulbs with LED-based sources.