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Dr. Guillaume Becker’s patients just love Planmeca dental units

Blog post   •   Dec 17, 2018 11:58 UTC

When decorating his new dental clinic in the South of France in 2016, Dr. Guillaume Becker didn’t want to settle for the ordinary. “I didn’t want to go for any of the traditional green or blue shades that you can see at practically every other dental clinic. Instead, we chose pink for the entire space, which helped to create a very strong visual identity. And that’s still the case today,” says Dr. Becker.

Becker’s clinic is equipped with four Planmeca Compact i Touch dental units, a Planmeca Chair™ for implant treatments, and a Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic X-ray unit. The clinic hosts a recovery room for patients, a photo studio, and a dental laboratory. A special wing for pediatric patients will also be created in the near future.

“We are four dentists at our clinic. Each of us has a specific role, something that is not so typical at French dental clinics. When our patients receive treatment, they are treated by the entire team, not just by one dentist. One of us is specialised in periodontics, another one in general dentistry, one in prosthodontics, and I myself am specialised in implantology. I treat around 400 implant cases every year,” Becker continues.

The clinic’s driving idea is to offer the most complete dental treatment in as few sessions as possible. “We strive to offer maximum service in just one patient visit,” Dr. Becker clarifies.

Becker chose to partner with Planmeca already nine years ago. “When I saw Planmeca’s dental units, I realised they were just what I needed. I was looking for a complete solution and wanted to purchase all my equipment in one place. This way, you build a relationship of trust with your equipment provider – you only need to go through everything once and that’s it.”

Dr. Becker says that during these nine years, he has never once regretted his choice. When his clinic moved to a new, bigger location two years ago, choosing Planmeca for the new clinic as well was obvious to the whole team.

Becker continues that the Planmeca units he purchased nine years ago still function like they did the first day. “Their design, efficiency, and great ergonomics really appealed to us right from the start. They are both beautiful and functional. I work four-handedly pretty much all the time, and there’s still plenty of space around the chair.”

The clinic’s patients are just as enthusiastic about the dental units as the staff. “All our patients simply love our dental units. They are just so comfortable. Since we aim to do as much as possible during one patient visit, our treatment sessions are usually quite long. Our patients might stay in the chair for an entire day and still wonder how comfortable it was.”

Text: Hanna Korlin
Images: Cabinet implants & esthétique dentaire – docteur Guillaume Becker and Kaisu Ilomäki

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