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A harmonious spa experience – at a dental clinic

News   •   Dec 19, 2017 11:19 GMT

As you enter dentist Annika Korvo’s Excellence dental clinic in Sundsvall, Sweden, you are immediately greeted with a lovely scent and the sounds of calming music. Natural, soothing colours and wall curtains create a harmonious impression. You might just as well find yourself at a spa instead of a dental clinic.

– I wanted the clinic’s decor to offer our patients a peaceful moment while they are waiting for their appointment. Here they can enjoy a little escape from all the stress of the outside world, says Annika Korvo.

The clinic focuses on esthetic dentistry. It hosts a small photo studio, and the clinic’s own photo art pieces are hung on the walls. Even the treatment room, decorated with plants and large mirrors in silver frames, has a spa-like atmosphere.

– We wanted to pay close attention to little details that, when put together, create a unique experience.

Original Swedish text by Pernilla Jansdotter
Translated by Hanna Korlin

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