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BLOG POST: Inventive step, novelty and usefulness – Plantagon’s patent portfolio

Blog post   •   May 13, 2016 08:00 GMT

Recently Plantagon also was granted its first ARIPO Patent (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization).

It is with great pleasure I follow the progress of the Plantagon Intellectual Property Portfolio. Pending patents gets granted without major objections from local patent authorities. This means our inventions have inventive step, novelty and usefulness. I'm JoakimRytterborn, Research & Development Manager at Plantagon. This week I’m sharing some insights regarding our patents. Welcome to follow me in this forum!

R&D and the resulting technological innovations are the principal factors for Plantagon International’s business success. Plantagon International’s innovation strategy involves benefiting from technological innovations by using the full range of intellectual property rights in the development of urban agriculture.

Plantagon currently has filed for patents within four families.

  1. Conveying system, tower structure with conveying system, and method for conveying containers with a conveying system
  2. Building for cultivating crops in trays, with conveying system for moving the trays
  3. Method and arrangement for growing plants
  4. Pot device and method related thereto

A couple of days ago Singapore as the first country granted a patent from our fourth patent family, the uPot. The uPot solves the problem with spacing the plants during growth. This by an adjustable distance ring, which enables spacing in two dimensions and hence is about 20% more effective than other methods on the market.

Recently Plantagon also was granted its first ARIPO Patent (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization). Regarding this Mats Lundberg CEO of Sweden’s oldest IP-firm Groth says:

“Plantagon is a company in the very forefront in terms of both innovation and IP. This newly granted patent is further evidence of this. Africa is a continent often overlooked when companies strive for global IP protection. But it is an emerging market important to consider. Also, thanks to the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization, ARIPO, foreign companies can now apply for a unified patent in a cost-efficient way in 19 African states.”

Plantagon started with an idea from a Swedish gardener. If you have any great ideas that will make the world a better place, join Plantagon and develop them together with us.

Joakim Rytterborn,
Head of Research & Development at Plantagon


The ideas and thoughts presented in this blog are my personal views and need not subscribe entirely to Plantagon.


Please watch out for up-coming blog post by:

  • Sepehr Mousavi, Sustainability Strategist, Plantagon and Chair to Swedish Standards Institute ‘Sustainable Urban Food Production’ committee
  • Shrikant Ramakrishnan, Global Business Development Director, Plantagon

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