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Sweco on Plantagon's Botkyrka project

News   •   Feb 03, 2011 08:04 GMT

Extract from Sweco's website:

Swedish company Plantagon has signed an agreement with the municipality of Botkyrka, in the outskirts of Stockholm, to cooperate on the establishment of a first vertical greenhouse in Sweden. Sweco acts as the technical consultant on the project which has already generated great interest worldwide.

Sweco has worked as a technical consultant with Plantagon to develop the concept and will continue to be involved in implementing the project. Eva Nygren, CEO of Sweco Sweden, says:

- Cooperating with Plantagon is exciting and challenging in many ways for our architects and engineers who are working to develop the technical solutions that the greenhouse needs. The urban greenhouse attracted interest when it was presented in the Swedish pavilion at World Expo in Shanghai last year and we look forward to continue working with the greenhouse in Botkyrka.


Read the entire article at Sweco's website here.

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