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Swedish Innovation Company and Leading Chinese University Continues Development for Sustainable Urban Food Production in China

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2013 06:31 GMT

Shanghai, November 5th, 2013.

Following the inauguration of the Tongji-Plantagon Research Center in April 2013, Plantagon International AB and Tongji University now execute joint efforts to develop solutions for urban agriculture in China. A binding agreement for three years will be signed on Tuesday November 5th. 

CEO Hans Hassle of Plantagon International AB and Dean of the College of Design and Innovation and Executive Vice Director of the Sino-Finnish Centre at Tongji University, Lou Yongqi will sign the agreement in the presence of Swedish Consul General Viktoria Li. The work acts to meet the goals set forth in the 12th five-year plan for China to “Safeguard the security of food...”

“Urban Agriculture can be an effective land-use solution that embraces the market and the infrastructure. Mega Cities need food production within, to avoid paralyzing congestion. Urban farming supports the market with products that do not need to be transported”, says Hans Hassle, CEO of Plantagon.

The execution of the work is delegated to the Sino-Finnish Centre and to the Modern Agriculture Science & Engineering Institute at Tongji University who will take responsibility for the execution & coordination.

Professor Lou Yongqi, Dean of the College of Design & Innovation and Executive Vice Director of the Sino-Finnish Centrr adds: “Urban Agriculture is a concept that restores our common knowledge of a cyclic system of life and its necessities. We cannot distance ourselves from the resources we need or the waste we produce. If products are grown in closed urban agricultural systems using the best available environmental techniques, risks for both plants and consumers will be minimized.”

To tackle the massive population expansion into Chinese urban areas and its consequences for food production and agriculture, the overarching objectives and intentions for the Parties is to commercialize and implement the concept of vertical urban agriculture into all of China. It is noted that this is in line with the MoU of Sustainable Urban Development Cooperation between the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of the Environment of the Government Offices of the Kingdom of Sweden.

The success of the Tongji-Plantagon collaboration is founded on Plantagon being the technological experts of urban agriculture and Tongji University having the market expertise.

This work and binding agreement is an extension of the MoU signed on July 4th 2012 between the Parties, by Dr Zhang Yalei (Director of Tongji President Office) and Hans Hassle (CEO Plantagon International AB).

Time and Place

Time: Tuesday November 5, at 14.30.

Place: Tongji University Sino-Finish Centre, Shixun Buildning 4th Floor, 100 Zhangwu Road, Shanghai, China.

The signing ceremony is open to government officials, industry related businesses, stakeholders and the press. Prior notification of attendance and press credentials is not required.

Plantagon International AB  is a global innovation leader in urban agriculture. Plantagon's technology minimizes the need for energy, water and pesticides. The negative environmental impact of the food production is very low, and since the products are delivered directly to consumers in the city, the transportation costs are also minimized. Since 2008, Plantagon has together with SWECO, developed unique technology for vertical urban farming. Connecting TekniskaVerken and SAAB’s technology for urban symbiotic systems to Plantagon and Sweco’s technology for vertical farming lead to the first building project starting in Linköping in 2011.

Tongji University is one of the leading universities directly under the State Ministry of Education in China. Tongji University emphasizes the importance of high-quality research and social service.

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