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​Salli – the future standard way of sitting!

Press Release   •   Jan 22, 2018 09:49 GMT

Be sure to be in the front line and let your staff become the pioneers of Salli sitting trend!

Salli offers upright, strengthening and dynamic sitting on active saddle chairs with divided seats. Salli is ideal for all work that is done sitting, whether in a new and modern activity-based office, in a cellular or open plan office, in industry, or in service and school environments.

Employers want positive, creative employees with a lot of energy, few sick leaves and good results. Salli makes this possible! With Salli you can optimize the working environment and create behavioral changes that benefit both individuals and companies. A good posture has a major impact on our health, physique, energy and wellbeing. How you sit makes a big difference.

Many spend a large part of the day sitting in the traditional way. The big back muscles are then in an over-extended position which makes them weak; sometime during our lives they will cause trouble. Back pain is, in addition to colds, our most common disease. On Salli, however, you sit in a balanced vertical position and strengthen the back and leg muscles while sitting and working. Time-efficient and energy-efficient!

In the early 2000s Salli introduced the unique and revolutionary divided ergonomic saddle chair seat. The experience and positive response we have received over the years inspire us to aim ambitiously at implementing the paradigm shift of sitting. We would love to take you and your company on this journey with us. Be sure to be in the front line and let your staff become the pioneers of Salli sitting trend!

Salli – the future standard way of sitting! 

Salli Systems is the leading manufacturer of saddle chairs in the world. The Finnish company has been developing the optimum sitting concept since 1990, and holds now two worldwide patents. Salli’s invention, the two-part saddle chair that has an active seat, solves the classic problem of how to sit without disturbing one’s circulation and metabolism and thus one’s health and productivity. Salli Systems produces saddle chairs, electrically adjustable tables, and accessories; the products are exported to more than 60 countries.

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