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Anticipating unique customer needs from A-Z. A ray of sunshine from Satair Group in China

News   •   Sep 22, 2014 15:57 CEST

In the mid 90´s, the production of Halon - a liquefied, compressed gas that stops the spread of fire - ceased. This has created a strong need for an alternative strategy for maintaining the highest level of aircraft fire safety standards. The REACH® system (REcovery And Conditioning for Halon) manufactured by Kidde Aerospace offers this alternative by recovering and conditioning Halon.

Satair Group is the exclusive distributor for the REACH® system in the Asia Pacific. A while back Satair Group Key Account Manager, Mr. Hu Yang, introduced the REACH® machine to our customer, Air China Southwest. He did this based on his in depth knowledge about Air China Southwest´s business needs and because he saw the potential to allow Air China Southwest to be self-sufficient in the supply of Halon gas through owning the REACH® machine.

As a consequence, Satair Group´s Mr. Hu Yang arranged and accompanied a customer visit at the supplier´s premises in order for Air China Southwest to better understand the potential of the machine which ultimately led to Air China Southwest buying the machine.

But this story does not end with the pure sale. No, it continues with Satair Group preparing and supporting the on-site installation of the machine as well as organising a week of training for 10 Air China Southwest technicians at Kidde´s facility.

“We are very satisfied with the successful installation, commissioning and training of the REACH ® machine”, a representative at Air China Chengdu component repair shop says.

As of June 2014, Air China Southwest can efficiently recover and recycle Halon in order to guarantee supply thanks to a complete end-to-end process and services from Satair Group.

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