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​Aberdeen kommenterar ECBs beslut idag, 3 december (på engelska)

Nyhet   •   Dec 03, 2015 15:32 CET

Aberdeen Asset Management Investment Manager Patrick O’Donnell comments:.

“Draghi has over promised and under delivered. Markets won’t be particularly impressed. Everyone was expecting Draghi to be the white knight for Europe once again and he hasn’t really showed up. Today’s measures amount to tinkering around the edges. They may help the European economy a bit, particularly signalling that excess liquidity and therefore accommodative monetary policy for even longer. But if the ECB isn’t going to do more pre-emptive measures, then it is even more important that European politicians get on with reforming their economies. Europe’s economy relies on trade and the global outlook for that is pretty dire. Today’s measures buy European politicians a bit of time but are no panacea.”

För ytterligare kommentarer på ämnet från Aberdeen, vänligen kontakta Lena Ellertsson Freedman enligt nedan.