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Business Security releases the SecuriCDS Data Diode

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 13, 2013 08:48 CEST

Swedish encryption and network security provider Business Security releases SecuriCDS DD100A Data Diode, a secure one-way data transfer product.

Business Security has launched a data diode, a secure one-way data transfer product. The SecuriCDS Data Diode is a one-way network communication device that makes a secure real-time, one-way data transfer possible, all while preventing any possibility of sensitive or secret data leaking from a classified system.  

“Traditionally Business Security is known for our high-end encryption products that secure our customers’ most sensitive networks and communication,” says Jonas Dellenvall, Product Manager at Business Security. “With the SecuriCDS Data Diode we are broadening our product portfolio with a non-encryption product. However, our focus remains the same: providing customers with network security products for securing their most sensitive information.”

The SecuriCDS Data Diode can be used in many different customer scenarios: It allows for operating system, application and anti-virus updates on a secure network. It enables email alerts on different networks. Also, with SecuriCDS Data Diode customers can transfer or import files from a public network  such as the Internet  to a classified network. Due to their strictly one-way communication path, data diodes are frequently used to protect critical infrastructure systems from possible cyber attacks when transferring data from them.

The SecuriCDS Data Diode is available from June 2013. For more information and images, please visit or call +46 46 38 60 50.

About the SecuriCDS DD100A Data Diode
The SecuirCDS Data Diode, model SecuriCDS DD100A, is a one-way information transfer device that connects two networks of different security levels and allows information to be sent to the more secure network without the risk of information leakage. The diode has an optical hardware separation to guarantee a unidirectional separation between the two networks.

Margareta Mildsommar, Communications Manager, Business Security,, + 46 (0) 46 38 60 50.
Jonas Dellenvall, Security Expert, Business Security,, + 46 (0) 46 38 61 56.

About Business Security
For 20 years, Business Security has pioneered communications security with state-of-the-art technologies trusted to secure our customers’ most sensitive information. Accredited to the highest security standards by the European Union and Swedish Armed Forces, Business Security’s cyber security products and solutions are deployed in more than 40 countries around the world by organisations with the most stringent security requirements such as military, government authorities, law enforcement, multinational corporations and financial institutions. Business Security is an independent, privately owned Swedish company headquartered in Lund, Sweden. For more information, please visit