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​Lights in Alingsås receives quality label

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 20, 2015 09:33 CEST

Lights in Alingsås has received a prestigious quality label and may even win an award as one of the most successful festivals in Europe. 

    — This would naturally be an enormous achievement, says Project Developer Anna Davidsson.

The European Festivals Associations, EFA, on its newly launched festival platform EFFE (short for Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe), has created a system of quality labels and awards for European festivals.

The criteria for receiving an EFFE Label for 2015-2016 are that the festival must be of a high quality and also be involved in the development of the local community. Criteria also include artistic commitment, community involvement and the festival’s international and global outlook. Lights in Alingsås is one of the festivals which has received international recognition in the form of this prestigious EFFE Label.

    — We are thrilled that once again we have attracted international attention. This quality label launches us as one of Europe's best-quality festivals and will undoubtedly put Alingsås on the map. The EFFE Label means that we now have an opportunity to create contacts with other events organizers in Europe, which otherwise we would not have had, says Anna Davidsson, Project Developer of Lights in Alingsås and business strategist with Alingsås municipality.

But not only that. Lights in Alingsås now also has the chance to win an EFFE Festival Award, given to a few of the most successful festivals on the continent. 

    — We won't know the result until the autumn, but if we won it would of course be absolutely tremendous! We would regard it as a real bonus. Simply to have received the EFFE Label is a major achievement , says Anna Davidsson.

In practical terms the quality label means that contact networks will expand , and that Lights in Alingsås will be mentioned in the festivals' equivalent of the Michelin Guide, where Europe's best quality festivals are included in a guide published both as a book and on-line.

EFA's Chair, Darko Brlek, believes that the new quality label will raise the game in many festivals.

    — I am pleased that the EFA is able to offer the festival sector a new platform, which will definitely make the public aware of the wide variety of festivals in Europe. EFFE has made this possible by creating a unique network of festivals, making a real contribution to European culture and the fantastic diversity which exists in festivals in Europe, he says.

The Lights in Alingsås festival will run between September 25th and November 1st, 2015.

About Lights in Alingsås

Every October since the year 2000, leading lighting designers have been invited to Alingsås to demonstrate their expertise. For five weeks, dar evenings and outdoor environments are turned into fascinating and exciting lighting installations. Cold, anonymous facades are transformed into warm and colorful spaces, forest lakes can get a whole new perspective, and these oases of light provide new attractive venues in the town.

Lights in Alingsås attracts more than 85 000 visitors every year and the urban lighting exhibition has become the largest lighting event in public spaces in Northern Europe. Lights in Alingsås is an important meeting point for lighting designers, students and professionals who work with light. The owner of the project is the municipality of Alingsås, who make the project possible through partners such as Sparbanken Alingsås, Alingsås Energi, FABS and Alingsåshem.

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