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Distribution – resebranschens pumpande pulsåder

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 23, 2017 10:00 CET

Amadeus verksamhet har genom åren vuxit till ett stort och komplext ekosystem för resebranschen, men huvudpulsådern är fortfarande distribution. Både för människor i och utanför resebranschen kan det vara svårt att få grepp om vad det här betyder, men vi bidrar till att resenärer i mer än 190 länder har realtidstillgång till ett brett utbud av olika resetjänster – allt ifrån flygresor och hotellrum till försäkringar. Under 2015 hanterade vi mer än 566 miljoner bokningar som genomfördes av anslutna resebyråer. En vanlig dag kan det passera nästan 4 miljoner transaktioner genom våra system.

Distribution är även ett affärsområde som präglas av hög komplexitet och stränga lagar vilket är en anledning till att det endast finns några få globala distributionssystem i världen. Amadeus har idag en global marknadsandel på ca 40% och utgör per idag två tredjedelar av våra intäkter.

Vill du förstå mer om resedistribution och hur Amadeus jobbar med att sätta resenärens reseupplevelse i centrum för allt vi gör – läs gärna blogginlägget nedan och vår årsrapport.

Get an overview of our distribution business in the Amadeus Global Report

Carmen Martin del Burgo Project Coordinator, Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group

It can be challenging to explain to a wide and varied audience what Amadeus does. This is especially true when it comes the Amadeus Global Report, which may be read by members of the general public who don’t always have a deep understanding of our business. Therefore, beyond presenting the yearly performance, the Amadeus Global Report includes an explanation of the Amadeus business in simple and clear language.

Our Distribution business line is explained in detail in its own section and it is also covered in most other sections of the report. More than two thirds of our revenues comes from the Distribution area, which operates a stable and highly resilient transaction-based model. Given the high complexity of the distribution industry, as well as the strict regulation it is subject to, there are only a few Global Distribution Systems in the world and Amadeus leads more than 40% of this business worldwide. In 2015, Amadeus processed 566 million reservations, made via travel agencies (online or offline) connected to our system. In peak days, we process 3.9 million travel bookings.

The distribution service is possible thanks to a network of more than 70 Amadeus commercial offices set up all over the world. Thus, Amadeus is able to ensure that every traveller in more than 190 countries has access to a transparent, comprehensive and neutral choice of transport, accommodation and insurance services in real time. 

Holger Taubmann, Amadeus Senior Vice President of Distribution, commented that “the distribution industry is in continuous evolution, and the Amadeus Global Report provides a good overview on how Amadeus faces new challenges and opportunities in this sector. Among those, corporations are facing more pressure than ever to demonstrate the return on investment on their travel expenditure while ensuring the security and comfort of their travellers. This challenge translates into a strong opportunity for Amadeus and our customers as we are committed to helping C-level decision makers in corporations identify opportunities for savings, putting the best end to end booking and expense management technology at their disposal to enable them to meet their objectives.”

I would like to invite you to download the full Amadeus Global Report 2015 and to read the distribution section. Also, be sure to take a look at the rest of the document to learn how we articulate every part of our business with the aim of maintaining long-term and sustainable business growth for us and for our customers.

Employees from all around the world and our main business areas have provided content to the Amadeus Global Report 2015. This comprehensive document represents the result of a team work, where everyone contributed in order to ensure a proper explanation of our activity in a transparent and clear way. Consensus is possible thanks to the responsibility and commitment of all of them.

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