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Spyder turns to Swedish company for sustainability

Nyhet   •   Apr 15, 2019 11:29 CEST

When Spyder, one of the largest ski-specialty brand in the world wanted to create it´s own sustainable collection, they turned to Swedish "Another Textile Company" for design and production.

”We aim for the highest quality, not only in our choice of fabrics but also in our commitment to a sustainable development and good working conditions”, says Fredrik Strand, owner and founder of ATC.

Spyders decision to turn to a more sustainable production method goes hand in hand with the brand philosophy.

Without the mountains, the clean air, the snow and for the love of nature – we would not exist.
We are grateful, humble and have the deepest respect for every experience, regardless of what it may be - discovering new terrain, carving new trails in the snow or taking in the stunning views during early morning hikes. Nature is there, it is stunning and it is far too often taken for granted.

Every choice we make, both as consumers and manufacturers, has an impact on the future.

With this new collection we have decided to join the growing movement of changing the fashion industry from the inside. We plan to do this by listening to ourselves, to the planet and to our growing crowd of conscious consumers. We are offering them better and more sustainable choices for their wardrobe. Our ambition is to offer functional, attractive clothes with design and quality that lasts – while causing as little harm to the planet as possible.

To preserve the mountains, we need to save the oceans. The recycled clothing collection is a result of our desire to develop more sustainable clothes. We collaborated with Another Textile Company and discovered a completely new ground-breaking method, using fabrics made from recycled polyester (old PET-bottles) and recycled Fair Trade certified cotton waste. The result: garments made from 100% recycled materials.


The t-shirt manufacturing process requires 530 gallons (2,000 liters) of water, from the cotton plant to the complete garment, using conventionally grown cotton. By using recycled material, the water consumption for each shirt drops to only halfa gallon (2 liters). This makes recycled t-shirts 99.9% more water-efficient. In addition, energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions decreases radically. The main reason for this incredible improvement is the use of recycled polyester made from PET-bottles, rather than virgin polyester, made from crude oil.

Spyder is an official supplier to the US Ski Team since 1989, as well as the Canadian Alpine Ski Team since 2002.

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