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Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 06, 2017 11:21 CET


In 2017 we want to proclaim our constant work with durable matters: design, quality and production.

- What makes a product sustainable then?

We believe that the key to a long lasting product starts with a good design and from a well made core, all the way out to the finished surface. For us the core needs to be durable and of extraordinary quality to uphold a great exterior. A core that is proparly worked and prepared is the foundation for a beautiful and long lasting surface that will age well with time.

Working together with very skilful craftsmen and women that have high expertise in the materials that we require for the core of our furniture, as well as a sharp eye for the finishing details. They work on our products step by step. Carpenters, welders, painters and many more makes sure to grind, brush and polish every unique product in so many steps that many wood say unnecessary. We believe it is required. On many pieces the lacquering must be applied entirely by hand and the richness in our lacquers are outstanding due to our workers skilled techniques. The finishing touches are always made by hand.

Our main production is, since the start over 25 years ago, mainly based in Sweden. Our products are made in both traditional ways all by hand and in line-production, always with a finishing hand touch. We chose to work closely together with skilled designers to develop and create new products that touch your senses and doesn’t go out of style. Our goal is to make pieces that will last for a long time, both for the viewer’s eye and for the user’s hand. We believe in making products that we can proud of, for decades to come.

This year we have some exciting news for you. Among them we welcome a totally new type of furniture in the ASPLUND | Collection and we are so happy to present it; a lounge chair named Eija, designed by Mattias Stenberg. For indoor and outdoor use. Pia Wallén has designed her first piece of furniture for ASPLUND; Xi - A statement cabinet where Pia’s passion for traditional Chinese folk patterns and shapes has been the inpiration. She has also designed a hand stiched kelim carpet called Stich.

New smooth Gradient carpets by Mattias Stenberg. A relaunch of Tokyo Taxi carpets by Claesson Koivisto Rune. We are also showing new versions and updates in existing series by Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm and by Broberg & Ridderstråle. We are also very proud to present one of our original products back in production; the award winning Air bench in metal by Thomas Sandell, originally designed in 1991.

All ASPLUND | Collection News 2017 are presented in the following pages and shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair, Stand B01:10 as well as in our Showroom at Sibyllegtan 31, Stockholm

For more information visit our newly updated webpage:

High res images are available at:


7-11/2 Stockholm Furniture Fair, Stand B01:10:

ASPLUND | Collection News 2017:From Core To Surface.

7-11/2 ASPLUND Store/Showroom, Sibyllegatan 31. Store open as usual with following exhibitions:

ASPLUND | Collection News 2017: From Core To Surface. Opening hours 11-19.

Cate & Nelson Watches: Launch of the London-based design studio Cate & Nelson’s new watch brand Cate & Nelson Watches. The London-based design studio Cate & Nelson introduces a new international watch brand with a scandinavian minimalistic design language. the watch’s design embodies the lifestyle of those passionate for architecture, form and design. Press preview 8/2 at 9.00 (by invitation only) and after be on display in the store during Design Week 2017.

7-11/2 ASPLUND Temporary Store, Ingmar Bergmans Gata 2 with following exhibtion:

Thomas Sandell’s Sketchbook: The seed to Thomas Sandell’s designs is always starting with a sketch or a coloured painting. The sketches are his inspiration of nature, architecture, the Scandinavian heritage and the link between them. A connection that is often shown in his final designs. In this exhibition his inspirations and designs are shown and some of the first sketches are the first ideas for his works for ASPLUND.

7/2 Grand opening 17-19, by Invitation only. 8-11/2 Open 14-18.


Tuesday 7th of February:

09.00 Fair officially opens

11.00 Press meeting at ASPLUND stand. Meet the designers and get a presentation of our news for 2017.

Thursday 9th of February:

18.00 - 21.00 Cocktail at ASPLUND Store/Showroom, Sibyllegatan 31. By invitation only.

ASPLUND, grundat 1990, har en verksamhet som står på flera ben. I butiken samsas ASPLUNDs egna kollektionen med en blandning av världens främsta designmärken. För att säkerställa ett perfekt resultat, under etiska och miljövänliga förutsättningar, men även gynna den svenska möbelindustrin, tillverkas ASPLUNDs egna möbelkollektion i hjärtat av Tibro och Skillingaryd. Mattkollektionen tillverkas, sedan ca 17 år tillbaka, i Indien av ett familjeföretag som delar ASPLUNDs värderingar och krav på kvalitet och etik. Ytterligare en gren inom den växande verksamheten är specialanpassade inredningslösningar för privatpersoner och offentliga rum. 2014 lanserades även ASPLUNDs egna kök som utformas efter kundens behov.

Idag är ASPLUND ett internationellt uppmärksammat möbel- och inredningsföretag och butiken kan nästan klassas som en institution. Den egna produktionen finns representerad i hem, kontor och offentliga miljöer världen över.
Totalt har ASPLUND idag ca 200 återförsäljare över hela världen. ASPLUND visat världen att den svenska minimalismen kan vara varm och elegant. Med fokus på hållbarhet och noga utvalda material, som dessutom åldras med skönhet, och med hjälp av de mest välkända svenska och internationella formgivarna har ASPLUND skapat en egen signaturstil i tidlösa produkter av hög kvalitet - möbler som kan föras vidare i generationer.

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