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Kristianstad City Hall

Nyhet   •   Apr 08, 2015 13:59 CEST

The session chamber of Kristianstad Town Hall is a stylised forest and a wide clearing. Between the artificial tree crowns, daylight makes its way down through clean arched openings to illuminate the ground. Glowing copper tree fungi cling to the trunks to illuminate the bark with an aspiring white warm light...

This is a good description of the large meeting room which now stands as a bright new jewel in the crown of the city’s public buildings. Greger Dahlström from Fojab architects in Malmö is the architect who designed both the new town hall and the fixtures in hammered copper. He has tastefully chosen to call the wall fixtures after the Swedish word Ticka, a species of tree fungus, following the example of nature. The architecture and luminaires work in perfect harmony.

“There was no luminaire on the market that worked well for the room, so something really special had to be developed,” Greger explains, who is already looking at opportunities to implement the model in various sizes, materials and colours. And what about a floor lamp or pendant luminaire, too?

Location: Kristianstad.
Architect: Fojab architects, Greger Dahlström.
Client: Kristianstad municipality and Region Skåne

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