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ATTITUDE RECORDINGS Results - Looking forward to New Goals

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 25, 2016 22:46 CEST

Attitude Recordings releases so far

ATTITUDE RECORDINGS is a new Rock Label from Sweden that deliver Melodic Rock in different shapes. The sound is fresh and new. Vocals and guitars get much attention in the productions. The mission is to present the greatest gift of all - music - with heart and soul. 

The label have only been around for three years this autumn and much have been accomplished during this time. 

This spring five releases have been made in Europe and the reviews is overwhelming. More is to come for sure for this amazing albums and artists. The label work very hard to get swedish music out in Europe and to reach the audience of lovers of great rock music. 

Check out the amazing music on Spotify: 

DUST - Waiting for you

NOCEAN - The Game

Bohemian Lifestyle - Libertánah

Greybeards - Memories

Hysterica - Lock up your son

Northern Ladies - Down on your knees

Bohemian Lifestyle - Flickering Lights

Most of the products is available on both CD and Vinyl and is delivered by Soulfood Distribution in Europe. 

The digital distribution is made through Phonofile for the Nordic countries and through Soulfood in the rest of Europe. 

Our products is available in Sweden at GINZA webshop - DUST vinyl & CD

Greybeards and Bohemian Lifestyle is about to enter the studio to record their second full length album this autumn. 
Northern Ladies is on their way to record their debut album, and with a new singer that have changed their sound quite much from a twist of punkrock to a more modern rock sound. 

Stay tuned at ATTITUDE RECORDINGS Facebook page

Check out our Youtube channel: Attitude Recordings on Youtube

Our latest music video: 

ATTITUDE jobbar för svenska rockartister med visionen att de ska kunna leva på sin musik som yrke. Vi hjälper artisen med strategier och etablerar artisten på den svenska och den internationella marknaden. 

ATTITUDE work with swedish rock artists. Our mission is to provide for successful and prosperous artists to the international market. We therefor only work with artists who have the potential, they are very skilled musicians with an unique frontman personality or unique voice.