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Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 06, 2016 19:50 CEST

Greybeards just arrived back home after 10 days in China on a small tour. Greybeards even charmed their way in China, soon back there again where they have a lot of screaming young women waiting for them like they are The Beatles, the police had to escort them out of one festival and more is to come for these young men, only 22 years old. 

An Introduction: 

GREYBEARDS released their debut album "Longing to Fly" back home in Sweden march 2015 and in the rest of Europe in January 2016 and a lot have happened since they was signed at Attitude Recordings summer 2014. 
Take a look at the tour history and you see what we mean. Tour history - Greybeards

ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE gave GREYBEARDS debut album a rate of 3/5  and this comment:
"Greybeards from Sweden - just 21 throws at pathos an all mainstream rock clubs claim "We'll Never Die". When, if not now?"

GREYBEARDS get highest grades in review after review and is already known for being a great live band. 

Check out some pictures from the tour in China: 
Pics from the Tour

Next album

Greybeards is about to enter the studio for their second full length album, release spring 2017. 

Official music videos

Vevo for Germany:

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