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Get to know Bergenstråhle's Anna Fokina

Nyhet   •   Nov 30, 2016 11:44 CET

We had a chat with one of our exciting colleagues Anna Fokina, and we would like to take the opportunity to introduce her and her interesting background.

Anna Fokina is 27 years old, born in Ukraine but currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a legal educational background in the field of intellectual property and business law from Universities in Ukraine, Hungary, and Sweden.

After her studies in Ukraine, she did an internship at the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was practicing mainly commercial, corporate and contract law for three years with a Ukrainian law firm, Ulysses, and then with a top-tier international law firm; Dentons.

“After practicing for a while, I realized that I would like to further expand my knowledge and expertise in international business law. I moved to Hungary for one year and did a master program at Central European University where I had a chance to touch upon various aspects of business law from e-commerce to intellectual property management. At Central European University I also carried out independent research on several IP-related topics that attracted my attention, in particular I wrote my thesis paper on “Trademark Law as a Tool of Protection against Unfair Competition” and got awarded a research grant to develop my paper in the library of Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law in Munich. But even that did not fully satisfy my thirst for knowledge. That is why I moved to Sweden last year to do a master program in European Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm University. I finished the master this summer and was lucky enough to start working for Bergenstråhle as soon as I was done with it.”

Since Anna completed her master program at Stockholm University, she has been working with us at Bergenstråhle & Partners.

“As I just finished my master program in IP law, I wanted to find a job in a company specializing on IP, where I could use all my theoretical knowledge and get a practical insight into the area. In my opinion, Bergenstråhle stands out for its Return on Innovation approach. I think nowadays it is extremely important to be able to provide complex IP services, not purely legal or administrative. At Bergenstråhle clients get support in all related areas, they are basically advised on how they can generate their investments in IP from capturing assets, to asserting their rights and using them to communicate and leverage business value.”

When asked where she wants to be in two years, Anna sees herself as a young yet quite experienced IP lawyer working for an IP consultancy firm who is capable of handling extensive IP portfolios of the clients and providing a complex legal assistance in various IP-related matters, who always sees a big picture behind every assignment and thinks outside the box while providing legal services. She would like to see herself as a person who is passionate about her work and whose expertise is a valuable contribution to the firm. And of course, she will be speaking Swedish fluently.

We are very happy to have you on our team Anna, and we are looking forward to see you grow with the company!