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​Håkan Yildirim holds lecture on FTO strategy at Stockholm University

Nyhet   •   Nov 17, 2016 17:16 CET

This Saturday Bergenstråhle’s Håkan Yildirim will hold a lecture on freedom-to-operate for students studying the “Industrial Property - Patents and Trademarks” course at Stockholm University. The focus will be freedom-to-operate assessments is the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Moreover, commercial and legal aspects of infringement will also be discussed.

The course is part of the “Master in European Intellectual Property Law (EIPL) – 60 ECTS credits” programme.
The EIPL programme was set up in year 2000, and has since reached true international recognition. Students in the EIPL programme delve into the internationalization factors of European Union (EU) IP law, and looks at areas such as design rights, geographical quality indications, copyrights & patents as well as how they are affected by internationalisation.

Students can specialize in IP system, industrial property, copyright, and other subjects.

The link to the course: