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​Bjoorn launches next generation laminate flooring!

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 11, 2016 15:35 CET

Bjoorn will present its pioneering woodfiber flooring at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016. The innovative new technology is predicted to have the same market potential as laminate flooring had when introduced in 1977. 

Bjoorn Woodfiber is a revolutionary woodfiber flooring, where the top layer of the woodfiber have been reinforced with ceramic particles. The flooring combines the rough wooden feeling with the rugged quality of a floor made of stone. This makes the flooring suitable for the living room as well as the entrance. Its durability makes the flooring perfect for offices and shop interiors.

The company has chosen to work with internationally acclaimed designer Marie-Louise Hellgren, who has a reputation of producing award winning design classics. Experience Bjoorn Woodfiber’s launch collection in a traditional herringbone pattern first hand in booth A42:12 at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2016.

“The material is in itself enormously durable, and has a beautiful organic quality which is a blessing to work with. The traditional herringbone pattern represents timelessness and the color scheme gives it a natural place in contemporary interiors,” says Marie-Louise Hellgren.

Bjoorn is an innovative Swedish flooring company, founded by the same people who invented the click lock flooring technology in 1993. Darko Perván, one of the founders did also invent laminate flooring at the industrial company Perstorp, a technology which have grown into a billion dollar industry. The new material woodfiber has greater wear resistance than the older laminate flooring and the click lock flooring technology.

“The new woodfiber technology will reshape the flooring industry and Bjoorn Woodfiber will supersede laminate flooring when the old technology hits its peak,” says Darko Perván, CEO at Välinge, an affiliate company.

We welcome you to the premiere showing of the Bjoorn Woodfiber collection at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, booth 42:12. You can also find flooring from Bjoorn at Asplund’s booth, B01:10, Astrid’s booth A05:28 and Martela’s booth A31:18.


Marie-Louise Hellgren has dedicated her talent to objects of every day use. Her signature design is natural shapes and forms that are soft spoken, subtle and filled with radiating harmony. She is working at the forefront of the upcycling movement in Sweden. Her first international breakthrough came in the early 1990´ s with a best selling coffee cup, Collection for Höganäs. Her popular objects can be found in many, if not most Swedish homes today. Her design is loved all over the world and has sold in millions in Scandinavia, Japan and USA.


Bjoorn is an innovative Swedish flooring company, designing and manufacturing floors based on the patented click lock flooring technology as well as other technologies developed by affiliate company Välinge Innovation. Bjoorn launched its first products – herringbone parquet with click lock in 2012. Bjoorn distributes its products in Sweden and internationally through partners and e-business platform


For more information contact:

Press contact: Jenny Öijermark, JOI communication, or + 46 (0)707 340 804

Product Manager: Marie Nordengren, Bjoorn, or +46 (0)70 623 78 52


Bjoorn är ett svenskt innovativt golvföretag som designar och tillverkar golv som bygger på den patenterade klickgolvstekniken och andra golvteknologier utvecklade av systerföretaget Välinge Innovation. 2012 lanserade Bjoorn sin första produkt, fiskbensparkett med klick. Bjoorn marknadsför sina golv i Sverige och internationellt via distributörer och sin egna e-handelsplattform

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