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‘Employchain’ job search app launches crowdfunding campaign to increase hiring rate in Jönköping, Sweden

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 15, 2019 15:50 CEST

Employchain - Tinder for Jobs Without Swiping

Jönköping, Sweden, May 2019 – Growth for Jönköping County

Jönköping County is excited about the arrival of the local job searching app Employchain in August 2019 after ranking as the county in Sweden with the largest percentage of highly educated students lost by choosing to relocate after graduation.

The company already shows promise with local endorsements from Science Park Jönköping, Jönköping University, Startup Jönköping, and funding from Almi. In March 2019 Employchain was accepted as part of the Test Drive Program at Sting - Innovation and Growth Stockholm and have recently launched their official crowdfunding campaign on in May 2019 (link can be found in contact section).

Employchain is an app designed by Swedish software company BlockchainX AB to radically simplify the matching component of the job-hunting process between students and companies by replacing long-written CVs and job ads with short, concise profiles consisting of verified keywords to represent the user’s skills.

Blockchain technology will be the core component of the app which validates the skills and qualifications of students through collaboration with local organizations that provide certificates of competency, such as universities, language schools, companies, and labor departments.

To protect applicants from discrimination in the recruitment process, the app offers an optional feature that doesn’t show the name or nationality of the student to interested companies. Employers will receive only the information about the student’s qualifications and skills.This is a valuable incentive for qualified students to stay in the local area in a county with a high rate of foreign exchange students at Jönköping University.

After creating a profile, students only receive a notification when they've been matched with a company through the blockchain network. By eliminating the visible rejection, Employchain hopes to remove the frustration and negative experiences related to the job application process.

More on Employchain’s Future

Employchain was developed by former Jönköping University students and has recently launched its crowdfunding campaign on, on May 3rd, 2019. The beta phase of the app’s release in August 2019 will focus on an exclusive group of students in Jönköping matched with important local organizations and companies working in collaboration with Employchain. 

Future plans include expansion across surrounding cities and potentially all of Sweden and to be all-inclusive; non-students will be able to participate following the beta launch. Early participation for both students and employers can be guaranteed by purchasing ‘Early Bird’ perks through the Indiegogo campaign.

Contact Info

Contact Person: Amanda Herzog, Media Relations
Location: Science Park, Gjuterigatan 955318 Jönköping, Sweden

Campaign Link:

Employchain is a mobile application for Android and iOS that allows students in Jönköping to create a profile within a few minutes from their smartphones. These profiles get automatically shortlisted to jobs from local companies. Students have the possibility to make their profiles anonymous so that name and picture are invisible. They only get notified when a company is interested in their profile and contacts them. Therefore Employchain is like a "Tinder for jobs without swiping."

Employchain is created by Swedish based software company BlockchainX AB. Their Indiegogo fundraising campaign can be found at

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