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Nyhet   •   Aug 09, 2013 14:47 CEST

House Dotorp a family house not far from Marstrand on the west coast, neighbouring vast farming lands and fields and a large rock covered with old oak and hazel trees.

The clients wish for a contemporary house on the rock clashed with the local authorities, demanding a traditional pitched roof and an equally traditional placing on the farm land. With the house on the north side of the rock there was also the issue of securing daylight on a potentially shadowy location. The design aim to bring together these different and contradicting conditions into a strong contemporary architectural concept.
The front of the house sits on the edge of the field, while the back is up on the hill with terraces overlooking the oak trees. The high pitched roof is used to bring daylight into the house, and is balanced by an asymmetric arrangement of the otherwise symmetrically designed front facade.
Internally the house centre around an open dining area and staircase, with numerous bedrooms spread around the house, enabling lot’s of overnight guest to stay.

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