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Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 03, 2016 09:10 CET

Happy brewers from Iceland!

The final round of Bryggeribråk 2016 took place in Håndverkerstuene in Oslo in the beginning of the week when Bådin from Bodø (Norway) and Borg Brugghús from Reykjavík (Iceland) battled for 1st place.Borg Brugghús won the battle  3-1 making it also the first Icelandic brewery to win Bryggeribråk. This was the third time the competition is held but 24 breweries from all the Nordic countries competed in the form of single-elimination tournament (knockout).

Bryggeribråk - Battle for the Nordics - is a competition among the Nordic breweries in pairing their beers with food. Each battle consists of three-course menu and one beer from each brewery for each course.The jury consists of up to 100 guests that choose their preferred beer with each dish. Each course is equal to one round and the brewery  that wins most rounds, wins the battle. The competition is held at Håndverkerstuene in Oslo, that specializes in beer and food pairings under the management of Hans Tryggvason.

Borg Brugghús is a progressive craft brewery founded in 2010 whose principal aim is to incorporate Icelandic cultural traits and local ingredients to its wide variety of beers and pair with food. Borg Brugghúshas already received  numerous awards at some of the world’s most noted and influential competitions.

Brewery International Sweden AB startade sin verksamhet i Sverige 2005 och har på kort tid blivit en viktig aktör på den svenska öl-, vin- och spritmarknaden. Vår försäljning sker direkt till restauranger, via grossister och till Systembolaget. I produktportföljen hittar man välkända varumärken som San Miguel, Kona, Newcastle Brown Ale, O´hara´s, Armand du Brignac, Cattier och Cascina Castlet. Vi importerar från Spanien, England, Skottland, Belgien, Finland, Italien, USA, Irland, Australien, Grekland, Tjeckien och Tyskland. Vi har en dryck för varje tillfälle!

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