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Pau Bartoló – traillöpare i världsklass och BUFF®-ambassadör tipsar inför sommarens fjällmaraton BUFF® Bydalsfjällen

Blogginlägg   •   Jun 26, 2017 15:41 CEST

Pau Bartoló är en av världens vassaste trail-löpare och också tränare till bland andra världsmästaren Núria Picas. Pau Bartoló beskriver sig själv som ”a mountain lover”. Här hans tips inför BUFF® Bydalsfjällen och andra tuffa och utmanande trail-lopp och skyraces.

Hi Pau, what is it that you love about running a marathonrace/skyrace?

- I'm a mountain lover.I like to practise all the outdoor sports, specially skyrunning because it's a simple way to enjoy the mountains and to challenge yourself. For me skyrunning is a way of live, we can find the sport and the mountain values all together. the spirit of the endurance sport into the simplicity, only in contact with nature.

BUFF Fjällmaraton is a new marathonrace, a tough challenge with large altitude gain. How do you prepare for marathonraces and other races like this in such a tough enviroment?

- I belive in specific training, I try to spend some time every day in the mountain, running and moving on the rocks, grass to get adatped to the environment. I try to get used to move in hard conditions.

The 50k race awards 3 ITRA points for UTMB. What is your experience from that race?

- UTMB is the most emblematic ultra race in the world. The ambiance is the best and also the organisation of the event is really important. To be part of this race is like a dream for all the ultra runners.

For all runners that yet haven’t tried a race like this - what is your advice for beeing prepared to participate?

- My advice is to prepare in specific ambiance and terrain, to spend a lot of hours running in the conditions they will find in the race, so your body and your mind will be adapted to this tough conditions.

You are a BUFF athlete - what BUFF®-accessories do you like the most to use during race and during training?

- I use all the products, but I specially like the "microfiber and polarhat" for winter training and the new "Fastwick headband" for summer because it's so fresh.

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