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CPAC Systems: 2016 news roundup (republished)

Blog post   •   Jan 02, 2017 13:30 CET

It's 2017 and we're looking ahead to an even more exciting year! We can't believe that 2016 is gone in what seems like a flash. It's been no less than an exciting one filled with new launches, products, nominations & partnerships so we thought we'd do them credit by highlighting some of them in this closing roundup.

February 2016

Volvo Penta's 'Glass Cockpit' hailed by lovers of 'smart' technology

Volvo Penta has taken boating to a new level of intelligent design with its upgraded Glass Cockpit system which seamlessly encompasses the latest navigational technology from Garmin and Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control system (EVC) providing a state-of-the-art platform for the new generation of tech savvy marine-lovers. Press release.

CPAC Systems collaborated with Volvo Penta on this integrated system to make boating even more easier and attractive. 

March 2016

Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) for buses

RouteONE, the coach and bus industry weekly magazine reviewed Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) for buses as 'There can be little doubt that, in the long term, automation is coming, at least for coaches. How the industry gets there is not yet clear, but Volvo is the first manufacturer to put its cards on the table. The roadmap begins with Volvo Dynamic Steering.' We at CPAC couldn't agree more. The full write up.

It is this dynamic steering system that allowed for Van Damme to do his Epic Split stunt between two reversing trucks. The live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of VDS - a world first technology that makes Volvo trucks, and now buses, easier to drive.

CPAC System's Wireless Charging Control Module (WCCM)

CPAC Systems, realizing early on the market need for an open standardized solution, offers its product, the WCCM, to customers involved in developing electric transport solutions. The module, a control and communication node designed and developed in-house, ensures a standardized open interface between the electric vehicle and the charging infrastructure. The product enables and fast-tracks customers interested in rolling out electro-mobility solutions. Press release.

April 2016

ElectriCity wins Volvo Technology Award

Electric bus wins Volvo Technology Award for its unique and innovative electric powertrain. ElectriCity and Route 55 in Gothenburg represent an important collaboration and an opportunity to show how cities can convert to electric bus systems. Volvo Group's press release.

CPAC's contribution to the ElectriCity project includes the CICU, a control and communication node designed and developed in-house to ensure a standardized open interface between the electric vehicle and the charging infrastructure. 

Volvo Co-Pilot

Volvo CE launched the Volvo Co-Pilot platform at bauma 2016. Designed for use on machines as diverse as excavators to pavers, Volvo Co-Pilot uses a tablet computer to deliver a new generation of intelligent machine services such as Load Assist, Dig Assist, Compact Assist and Pave Assist. The solution offers unmatched controllability and accuracy as it allows operators to quickly and independently manage all operations with ease for greater productivity and safety to ensure more profitable production. It is essentially your partner in the cab.

CPAC Systems is proud to have been chosen as Volvo CE's partner in developing what is the world’s first fully integrated and connected machine control platform utilizing onboard machine information combined with high precision sensors like RTK GNSS, IMU and different camera solutions. The Volvo Co-Pilot platform will change the way intelligent machine features are delivered and sets a new standard for high-end customer application in the areas of productivity, efficiency, uptime and safety applications. More on Volvo Co-Pilot.

Hemisphere GNSS Announces Strategic Partnership Expansion with CPAC Systems

Hemisphere GNSS announces a significant expansion of their strategic partnership with CPAC Systems in which they will be the sole source of GNSS positioning and heading systems to the Volvo Co-Pilot series, a new generation of intelligent machine services launched by Volvo CE in collaboration with CPAC Systems.  Hemisphere GNSS' press release.

June 2016

Autonomous driving in underground mines

We've heard of the rise of the machines. Well, now it's the descent of them. Driverless lorries designed to work specifically in underground tunnels are becoming a reality. How long before they appear on roads? CPAC Systems brings its special brand of industrialised innovation to automation and together with the Volvo Group defines productivity in future mining. The Guardian's article on Descent of the machines: Volvo's robot mining trucks get rolling. Link to video above.

July 2016

Volvo Co-Pilot wins prestigious Human Machine Interface (HMI) award

The Volvo Co-Pilot system from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) beat international innovations and wowed a panel of judges to win ‘most innovative HMI feature’ in the Car HMI Awards 2016 (which, despite the name, aren’t just for cars!).

Volvo CE developed the platform in collaboration with CPAC System AB – a company wholly owned by the Volvo Group which develops and integrates safety-critical electronic control systems. Press release.

September 2016

Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) reduces the risk of work-related injuries for bus drivers

A scientific study has been published to confirm the positive effects of Volvo Dynamic Steering in reducing the risk of work-related injuries for bus drivers. The results reveal that on average, VDS cuts muscular strain by 20 to 30 per cent, for certain manoeuvres by up to 70 per cent. Volvo Buses' press release.

October 2016

Volvo Penta boating challenges

This year Volvo Penta launched several new products for leisure boating - the IPS, the DPS, the Glass Cockpit System, the E-key remote and the Joystick -  and put them through their paces in a series of challenges (videos) to show what each product can do. 

November 2016


It's been another successful year for Gothenburg’s electric bus service. A success on so many levels with passengers, drivers and the environment. The electric buses run on renewable electricity and are energy-efficient, silent and completely emission-free.

ElectriCity, with Volvo Buses electric bus on route 55 in Gothenburg, is awarded for outstanding solutions, technologies and innovations in sustainable urban development and you can read about them here.

Special Mention for Joystick for Inboard Shaft at METSTRADE

Volvo Penta achieved Special Mention for its Joystick for Inboard Shaft at METSTRADE, the world’s largest trade show for equipment in the marine leisure industry. The commendation in the DAME Design Awards is in the category of ‘machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems and fittings’. The company was also nominated for two other awards - its Battery Management System with e-Key Remote as well as for the use of Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System (IPS) in the Amer 100 – the largest super yacht in the world to be equipped with IPS.  Volvo Penta's press release.

Well, that's some of our news that made headlines locally as well as on the international circuit - achievements that we are proud to be part of. We mean it when we say, "... technology is our soul, end-user value is our focus. We are passionate about technology, but not for the sake of it. We use it to create value - for our clients, our partners and ourselves. We create products and features that differentiate our clients from their competitors. Our products are also aimed at generating new revenues. This is what we define as differentiating technology.

We look ahead with positivity to 2017. Surprises are in store so keep watching this space.

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