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Together is Always Better - CPAC's Mountain Bike enthusiasts

Blog post   •   Jan 23, 2017 09:47 CET

Some of our MtB enthusiasts - Karin, Mikael, Niclas and Patrick out 'joyriding'

We're featuring the first of an occasional series on what brings us together at CPAC Systems inside and outside of work. Common interests that we share that not only make us happy but also good team mates with a sense of responsibility, openness and lack of prestige.

The first of this series is about our...

MtB (Mountain Bike) enthusiasts

For this author, cycling on normal, trafficked roads is challenge enough. But to escape into the 'skogen' (forest) where there are rocks, tangled prickly shrubs, overhead branches waiting to flick me in the face while riding a two-wheeler FAST? Scary for me but for our MtB enthusiasts, it's sheer thrill!

Karin, Per-Björe and Karl look as if nothing can hold them back

Karin, Pelle and Karl look as if nothing can hold them back

They take off to the woods every chance they get, with little regard for weather, to ride up steep hills just to turn around and fly down the same hill again and again. While normal people look at a puddle of mud and walk around it, these few start smiling and like mischievous three year olds, they aim for the puddle at full speed. Joyriding in every sense of the word!

Come snow or rain, they try to get together at least twice a month to get on their bikes and work their magic.

Karin doing a stunt

Karin can't resist 'jumping' over logs

Quote by filmmaker Stacy Peralta

"The rest of us assume it’s madness, but what they’re chasing isn’t a tangible reward — it’s greater than that. It’s about using every single fiber of your being to pull something off, and when you finally get there, it’s unbelievably liberating. When everything else is stripped away, and it’s just you and the moment — that’s the greatest feeling on earth."

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