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Together is Always Better - CPAC's Soup Club enthusiasts

Blog post   •   Jan 25, 2017 16:24 CET

Nothing less than homemade is served at this table

We're featuring a series of short posts on what brings us together at CPAC Systems inside and outside of work. Common interests that we share that not only make us happy but also good colleagues with a sense of responsibility, openness and lack of prestige.

The second in this series is about our soup club enthusiasts.

No one exactly remembers when or who started CPAC's soup club. What they do remember is that it started out as a Thursday pea soup and pancake club - the Swedish classic meal 'pannkaka och ärtsoppa' - and was later extended to include any kind of soup. And given the diverse nationalities of the members - Swedish, German, Indian -  the soups have been diverse as well ranging from 'fisksoppa' (fish chowder), to 'eintopf' to  the only rules being it has to be vegetarian (correct???) and homemade. No canned soup or preservatives for these members.

Besides having a well-planned menu, the timing to have lunch is also considered. It comes after our weekly gym training which allows for the team to workout, shower and sit down to a warm lunch.

The amount of effort one can put into this is to at least make the soup from scratch. That's all that's asked. If you'd like to take it up a notch, you can bake bread, make pancakes and have special 

As a testimony to how dedicated the soup club members are, I captured on camera one Thursday, Olle 'slaving' at the office stove making his carrot brocolli? soup. 

To complement with

- what type of soups have been served so far 

- any funny incidents or anecdotes

It's Thursday today. Soup's up! Let's go.

This author once tried making pumpkin soup as she thought how hard can it be. It tasted awful. She's guessing her application for membership into this club will be taken with a 'pinch of salt'.

Link to the first in our series - CPAC's Mountain Bike enthusiasts

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