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A Success - CPAC Movie Day 2017

News   •   Jan 16, 2017 14:32 CET

Richard Berkling, President of CPAC Systems welcoming families and friends

One of the things we treasure most at CPAC Systems is family. Which is why a year ago, we started a new Christmas gift tradition - inviting employees, their families and extended families to the movies. To premiere this new tradition were the movies 'Snobben' (Peanuts) and Star Wars Force Awaken. Needless to say, CPAC movie day 2016 was an overwhelming success.

This year, we repeated this winning formula when we had our second CPAC family movie day on Friday 13 January at SF Bio Bergakungen. As luck would have it (or it could have just been that Lucas Films heard about our tradition and was kind enough to produce a new Star Wars movie for us...) Rogue One was recently released so we chose that to entertain the older crowd while the younger generation were treated to the delightful and colorful Trolls. Both cinema halls were packed to the brim and the smell of excitement (and popcorn) were in the air. 

CPAC Movie Day seems to becoming a tradition that's here to stay. It gives us a chance to meet each other's families and friends; to come together to do something fun involving both children and adults; and to escape into the make-believe world of movies where we're able to laugh (and perhaps cry) together. 

Together is Always Better.

To add to the excitement, we set a mini CPAC studio to film kids and their parents (watch out for the trailer).

To add to the excitement, a CPAC mini studio was set up to film some of the families so watch out for the trailer!

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