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Volvo Dynamic Steering reduces the risk of work-related injuries for bus drivers

News   •   Sep 07, 2016 19:46 CEST

A scientific study has confirmed Volvo Dynamic Steering’s positive effects in reducing the risk of work related injuries for bus drivers. This was stated in a recent press release by Volvo Buses.

Excerpt from press release

Spending many hours behind the wheel every day, bus drivers often suffer strain in the shoulders, neck and arms. In order to reduce the risk of work-related injuries, last year Volvo Buses introduced Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS), which makes manoeuvring a bus considerably easier. Now a scientific study has been published that confirms the system’s positive effects.

The study carried out by VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Administration, examined muscle strain while driving both with and without VDS, and recorded how much the driver benefits from the system. In the tests, activity in the various muscle groups was measured in left turns, right turns, while negotiating a roundabout and when driving straight ahead. 

“The VTI study confirms the positive effects of Volvo Dynamic Steering for drivers both on long-distance routes and in urban driving. With the introduction of VDS on our city buses too, many more drivers will be able to handle tight cornering, roundabouts and other demanding manoeuvres in a far safer and more relaxed way,” says Volvo Buses ergonomics expert Maria Gink Lövgren.

Brief facts about Volvo Dynamic Steering

  • VDS automatically compensates for unevenness in the road surface and eliminates vibration and involuntary steering wheel movement.
  • When driving at low speeds, steering is about 75 per cent lighter. What is more, steering is easier since the steering wheel automatically returns to the dead-ahead position when the driver lightens his or her grip on the wheel.
  • At higher speeds, the bus maintains directional stability even if the road surface is uneven.
  • In 2015 Volvo Dynamic Steering received first prize in the “Safety” category of the European Coach & Bus Week (ECW) competition.

Read the full press release here and watch the video.

Watch other VDS videos on CPAC's YouTube Channel.

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