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ICA Maxi Lindhagen made its e-commerce more effective

Nyhet   •   Aug 22, 2017 07:00 CEST

For the past two years, ICA Maxi Lindhagen have used Cub Business Systems pick and collect for its online customers. The system has proved its efficiency in different ways, not least when it comes to offering customers the best online services.
– We have become more effective. Now, we can find the time to pick more orders, and thus welcome new customers, says Lisa Rister, Head of Online Sales. 

Ica Maxi Lindhagen, was early adapters when it comes to market adjustments. As their customers are likely to try new technical solutions they could offer their business customers an online service as early as in 2011. Since then ICA Maxi have extended their offer to private customers as well. Last year ICA Maxi Lindhagen started using Cub’s picking system for e-commerce and online trading, to be able to receive and deliver more orders to their customers.
– To reach profit in grocery businesses like this, you need high efficiency in picking orders. ICA Maxi chose Cub because of their offer in high standard efficiency. So far they have exceeded our expectations, says Mats Larsson, store manager and owner.

Lisa Rister, Head of Online Sales, is one out of four full time employees at the online department. Owing to Cub, there has been a big change in efficiency levels, comparing to the old system. The older solution was managed by picking the online orders by paper.
– If we had as many orders as today with the old paper system, we would have to hire more staff. Today we are more efficient than ever, and we have also adjusted our picking routines to be more logical, says Lisa, as she puts bananas in a paper bag on the trolley.

To reach their goals, the online department need to pick three articles per minute, but after implementing Cub’s system the staff works faster than expected and picks an average of 295 products per hour. Through order statistics the employees can face the demands of high order frequencies. Now they also pick groceries in three different zones. All employees pick groceries from different orders at the same time, in the same zone; frozen foods, dry goods and dairy products. Head of the Online segment, Lisa has the opportunity to support the employees through personal statistics.
– If I can see that one of my employees has a hard time keeping up with his or her duties, I can help out. Maybe there is some kind of uncertainty with choosing a complementary grocery article. If such a problem occurs we can help each other out, says Lisa Rister.

World Class services
Sometimes articles go out of order in the store and has to be replaced with another adequate product.
– The goal is to always be able to replace the product with something similar. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. Earlier today one of my customers ordered 1.5 liters of milk. I thought the best before date was too close to today’s date, instead I gave her two packages of milk, containing one liter each, without taking any extra for it. We always try to find the best solutions to our customers, says Lisa and adds:
– Our motto is to offer our customers world class services, that mean online services as well.

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