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Datscha expands to Finland - offers information on all 140,000 commercial properties

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 03, 2010 08:00 CET

Datscha, Sweden’s leading supplier of information services and Internet-based analysis tools for commercial properties is establishing operations in Finland. The objective is to offer information on all of Finland’s 140,000 commercial properties. Datscha will also provide detailed market information for the 50 largest municipalities. The launch of the service will occur in conjunction with the Finnish property fair in Aulanko. Datscha currently has more than 1,500 users in seven countries, of which the majority operates in the finance or property market.

"Finland is a very attractive market, in many respects quite similar to Sweden in terms of business and culture. However, the general consensus in the property sector is that Sweden is a more transparent market than Finland. We intend to remedy that by packaging and communicating all accessible information according to our concept. It will create added value for our customers, while benefiting the Finnish property market as a whole," says Datscha’s Finnish Country Manager, Sami Vaateri.

Datscha develops and sells Internet-based services for information about, and analysis of, the commercial property market. The number of users has grown continuously since the company’s inception more than ten years ago and currently consists of approximately 1,500 users in seven countries, of which the majority operates within the finance or property market.

"Datscha is a key facilitator in the Swedish property sector. After one year of intense development work, we are now ready for our first foreign venture and will launch our service in Finland. Accordingly, we will be offering information and analysis material pertaining to a total of 500,000 commercial properties," says Carl Ekerling, President of Datscha.

For further information, please contact:
Carl Ekerling, Managing Director, Datscha, Tel: +46 8 50 70 53 59
Sami Vaateri, Country Manager Finland, Tel: +358 40 057 9358



Datscha started as a project at the property consultant Newsec in 1996 under the name FastInfo. Until then, the property sector lacked professional tools. Information was not accessible, processes were time-consuming and consequently, turnover was low. With FastInfo, the user was able to manage information about the property market, conduct analyses and evaluate properties. In 2000, a separate company was formed, Datscha AB, and on 31 October the same year, the service was offered on the Internet. Today, Datscha is used by more than 300 companies and is leading in the industry.

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