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Stena - Donsö Shipping Meet Partner

News   •   Mar 05, 2019 14:14 CET

​Carl-Johan Hagman head of Shipping & Ferries at Stena.

Hello there Carl-Johan Hagman head of Shipping & Ferries at Stena.

Stena supports DSM19 as Partner. What contributed to make this decision?
It’s important that the Swedish Maritime Cluster becomes more visible and this is a good opportunity to show ourselves and the world what we can offer. It´s also good to meet customers, suppliers and partners in the industry.

What are your expectations for DSM19?
To a degree, Donsö and Swedish shipping is in the technical forefront of our industry. We are looking for technical solutions and a discussion that can help us improve performance to ensure that we are competitive in the global markets that we are in. It is through deep expertise and collaboration that we innovate, and we must innovate to survive. In Stena we benchmark ourselves against the Donsö shipowners, who we find to be amongst the best in the world. But we also understand that we must share and participate. To be part of an ecosystem is critically important to us.

What do you find are the opportunities and the biggest challenges in the Shipping Industry today?
By far, our biggest challenge is to find tangible and real pathways towards full decarbonisation of global shipping. It is a momentous challenge, we need new technology, we need insightful legislation and we need customers who are willing to share the burden in shifting consumer behaviour.

Digital technology is playing an important role in reshaping many of our markets and creates interesting new dynamics and opportunities. But there are also some classic challenges, particularly a constant over supply of vessels. Despite healthy demand growth, there is today a lot of pressure on many segments in shipping.

Another challenge is to attract young people to study and join our industry. We need talent and the best of our youth to drive our ships, handle our customers’ cargo and help us tackle the challenges of developing fully sustainable supply chains. It is a global industry, with global challenges but also global opportunity.

How would you describe DSM in one word?
A great meeting place for Maritime Professionals. Sorry that was more than one word.

And finally, do you prefer a sail or a motor boat for recreation, and why so?
My favourite vacation is to fish from my small “snipa” and think of how the little herring has transformed Sweden and the world.

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