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Are Goal Setting Activities Counter-Productive?

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 16, 2016 12:57 CET

Have you ever traveled somewhat off the beaten path without following a given itinerary? Even those of us who haven’t can probably see that leaving the guidebooks at home while collecting information from fellow travelers and getting in touch with locals might lead to a more authentic and beneficial experience in the end. To set our final goal in advance is a bit like trying to predict the future though we know little about the situations and opportunities that will arise along the way. Flexible and perceptive travelers might end up at a destination they never even heard of before departure. 

Artists and writers will also confirm that many of their greatest pieces manifested through them without being preceded by narrowing goal setting activities. Some of our greatest experiences in life is, plain and simply, the result of us being able to let go and follow loosely defined intentions, our ideals, vague ideas or sudden flashes of inspiration. 

Does this relate to project management and goal setting theory?

It does! In every situation where environmental variables varies over time and random forces will be at play, effective goal setting activities is not as easy as one might think. But in our society goal setting has become somewhat of an obsession.

So in this post we decided to show you the risks of over prescribe goals and how it's possible to manage projects without goal setting activities.

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