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Nyréns Architects: We wouldn’t be able to do this without Dreamler

Blogginlägg   •   Aug 24, 2015 15:10 CEST

A while back Nyréns Architects and Skolforum purchased our getting started package. Both companies want to successfully implement a visual approach to running their businesses. They aim to operationalize their business strategies and strengthen employee engagement and participation for better results. The two companies have signed up for our Get Started package and will go through a five step process, guided by a senior manager at Dreamler.

Last week, Mathias Gullbrandson (CEO at Dreamler) and I (Olof Hägglund) kickstarted a group of 14 people at Nyréns. They will be using Dreamler in a project in order to improve their strategic market planning, focusing on three key accounts.

Read about it here.

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