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Sober October - Caliente challenges you to stay off the booze for a month!

Blog post   •   Oct 05, 2016 15:27 CEST

We should all take a break from alcohol once in a while. Because we can.

Let's send our poor livers on holiday, let our blood glucose levels drop, be in the now, discover how ridiculously annoying people can be when having had too many drinks (could be anyone of us), and, not to forget - feel the awesomeness of waking up refreshed on a Sunday (no hangover, no regrets, and with plenty of money left)!

Set to skip alcohol for a month and still have fun when going out? A tip: Chili. We’ve come up with our own way of replacing alcohol - with chili heat. Because the same stuff that makes chilies hot - capsaicin - also floods your brain with feelgood endorphins, giving you a natural high.

To encourage all of you to stay off the booze for one month, we’ve dropped our prices in our webshop during October. Join our Sober October party now and get free shipping and exclusive discounts on our drinks!

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