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Caliente kicks off 2017 with a brand new design!

Press Release   •   Jan 05, 2017 12:17 CET

En svensk dryckesinnovation och världens bästa alkoholfria alternativ!

We are proud to present our new, stylish and improved look.

Being the only non-alcoholic drink spiked with chili heat, we feel that we do stand out. But there’s always room for improvement when it comes to both verbal and visual brand communication! So, what’s new and why did we feel the need to change?

Caliente is a Swedish brand and we want to emphasize that. We’ve therefore chosen a naked visual language in line with Scandinavian design heritage for our new look.


Something that we feel has been missing from the start is “our” symbol. How do we describe the uniqueness of our chili drinks with merely a symbol and how do we convey that message clearly to our consumers? Although this can be done in many ways, we have definitely found one good answer. Say hello to our new symbol!

It represents some important things to us:

  • The physical feeling (burning sensation) you get when drinking Caliente.
  • Being in the now. People tell us it’s hard NOT to be in the moment when you drink Caliente, which in a way brings a mental clarity.
  • Being a disruptive force and groundbreaker. We want to make it a little easier to choose non-alcoholic (and to stand up for that decision), without being prejudiced or absolute.
  • Chili! We love chili heat and see stylized chilies whenever we look at our symbol.


The simplicity and spikiness of our new symbol is contrasted by a personally written ‘Caliente’ and hand drawn illustrations. Together, they create a timeless logo, different from other drinks brands. We think it’s at the same time visually really great to look at and clearly representing the authenticity we stand for.


We’ve changed our color scheme to more earthy colors, to show that Caliente is a natural drink, carefully crafted in Sweden.


Our new packaging is minimalistic and transparent, since we above all want to present the inside (that we are so proud of!). The new label also communicates more directly what Caliente is than the previous one. Our heritage, the amount of chili heat and the fact that it’s non-alcoholic is now clearer than ever. We like the naked feel and hope you do too!

Caliente is a new kind of drink, in which we’ve replaced alcohol with chili heat. Because the stuff that makes chilies hot - capsaicin - also triggers the release of endorphins, creating a natural high. Crafted in Sweden from organic ingredients, it’s the ultimate choice for people who are after a complex non-alcoholic drink that’s low on sugar.

2015, Caliente won "Best Premium Adult Drink" at World Beverage Innovation Awards as well as "Best New Organic Drink" at Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia. It is 100 % natural, organic and produced in Småland, Sweden.

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    Love the new look and feel of the brand, as if taken a strong injection of energy and happiness reflected clearly in the modern shape and bright colors!!
    Congratulations Thomas and the whole team

    - Mohamed Taher - Jan 05, 2017 23:18 CET

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