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Unique Swedish drink with chili heat finances their international expansion with crowd funding

Press Release   •   Feb 04, 2016 12:37 CET

– Caliente is a new Swedish brand and a highly unique drink, which makes the international feedback to date pretty amazing, CEO and Founder Thomas Adner says. It includes winning “Best Adult Premium Drink” at World Beverage Innovation Awards 2015 (finalist in two other categories) and “Best New Organic Drink” at Nordic Organic Awards. Thomas has also been chosen as one of four entrepreneur speakers at InnoBev in Verona, April 2016.

Since the market launch March 2015, the company has made an impact in Sweden and with recently closed deals with premium distributors in China, Dubai and Denmark, it’s clear that this sophisticated, yet fiery, drink fills a gap.

Meeting current drink trends

The non-alcoholic alternatives available today are still limited, and a great majority is either boring or unhealthy; standard choices of sugary sodas, juices, water, and of course the sad non-alcoholic versions of beer or wine. Caliente is the first chili-infused premium non-alcoholic drink giving you a rush, without compromising on taste, nature or health. Because capsaicin (the hot stuff in chili) is, similar to alcohol, activating the reward center in the brain that in turn releases endorphins and feelings of happiness. It’s all natural and organic, full of natural flavor and a social drink for urban people who can stand the heat, at any time and any place.

– We’ve dared to meet the growing, global trend of non-alcoholic drinks for adults in new way, Thomas explains. Our aim is to be a leading brand within the non-alcoholic premium drinks category. However, we’ll make sure not to overstrain ourselves and have set the aim to be present in a total of six markets in 2016, focusing on urban centers with a high concentration of our target group.

Caliente is stocked in 500 of the edgiest cafés, street food places, eco/premium stores and restaurants throughout Sweden. Trensums is their main industrial filling partner – specialized in contract manufacturing and with on-going collaboration with 4 of the world’s 10 largest Food & Beverages companies. They are certifed organic, have extremely high quality standards and will ensure capacity for rapid international growth.

More information

The crowdfunding campaign is to go live on FundedByMe’s platform on 15 March. For more information about Caliente and news up-dates, please visit the company press room, or get in touch with Erika Ollén: / +46 (0)763 17 26 28.

Caliente is a multiple award-winning and chili-infused social drink.

It was created as an alternative, for times when you want something fun to drink, but without compromising on taste, health or the nature; when you want to minimize the drug intake – whether sugar, alcohol or caffeine – but need a kick. Because chili triggers the release of endorphins, creating a physical rush.

Caliente draws inspiration from the world, but have its feet firmly placed in Swedish values of quality and transparency, health and naturalness.

WINNER: “Best Premium Adult Drink” - World Beverage Innovation Awards 2015

WINNER: “Best New Organic Beverage" - Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2015

FULL SCORE: 100/100 - Drinkpreneur - "Best review we've ever written"

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