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Mats Clarsund new EVP Research & Development at Enzymatica

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 02, 2012 13:44 CEST

Enzymatica strengthens research and appoints Mats Clarsund new Executive Vice President for Research and Development. Mats Clarsund has extensive experience in research and business development, the past ten years in senior positions in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Mats Clarsund comes from Alligator Bioscience in Lund, and will assume the position at Enzymatica from November 2012.

- Mats have extensive and broad experience from research and development in enzyme technology. Recruitment of Mats represents a strengthening of our research activities and is a clear indication that our strategy remains unchanged and that research is part of our core business, says Michael Edelborg Christensen, CEO of Enzymatica AB.

Mats Clarsund, whom holds a PhD in Enzyme Technology at Lund University, has extensive experience from leading positions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. During the years 2001-2012, Mats was part of the management team at Alligator Bioscience AB in Lund at positions as Vice President Scientific Business Development and Head of Discovery.

- I look forward to putting my knowledge and experience into practice in Enzymatica. Enzyme technology is an exciting area with great potential and I want to contribute in developing products for unmet therapeutic needs, says Mats Clarsund, new EVP R&D at Enzymatica AB.

Enzymatica announced recently that Mats Clarsund is member of Enzymaticas Scientific Advisory Board. As EVP R&D, Mats will lead the work in Enzymaticas Scientific Advisory Board. Mats will assume his position from November 1st.

For more information, contact:
Michael Edelborg Christensen, CEO Enzymatica AB (publ), 0768-14 41 66,

Mats Clarsund, EVP R&D Enzymatica AB (publ), 0733-463429

About Enzymatica AB (publ)
Enzymatica AB (publ) is a publicly traded  biotechnology company focused on R&D, registration and marketing of medical devices based on a patented enzyme technology. Enzymatica uses the enzyme Penzyme®, a cold-adapted trypsin derived from deep-sea cod. The enzyme has unique features that make it super-active at about 37° C, which results in it being superior to break down disease-related proteins, counter infections by viruses and bacteria and promote healing processes. The ColdZyme® portfolio is represented in health food stores and para-pharmacies today, containing the predecessors of the brands that are now registered as medical devices for common cold and plaque related diseases.

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