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96% teckningsgrad i Traveas TO2A

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 04, 2013 09:58 CEST

Den 27 maj 2010 beslutade årsstämman att genomföra ett optionsprogram vilket ger innehavarna rätt att mellan den 30 augusti 2010 och 30 juni 2013, teckna sammanlagt högst 6 032 456 aktier. Totalt har 5 767 427 optioner tecknats (95,6% teckningsgrad) under perioden från och med den 30 augusti 2010.

Bolaget har under det senaste kvartalet tillförts cirka 1,9 mkr genom detta program. 

För mer information, vänligen kontakta:

Gustaf Karling

VD, Traveas AB

+46 70 766 26 80

Traveas – the best of two worlds: Technology & Media

We think that great companies will be defined by their ability to handle change. And change is surely something that Traveas have gone through, many times. We´ve gone from being a small startup with nisched mobile services for the travel industry, to become a public company with two different business areas: Technology & Media.

TRAVEAS TECHNOLOGY - Every digital booking carries hidden values. Traveas services enrich these bookings to become powerful communication and sales tools. Traveas mobile and email services helps more than 40 companies in various industries in 11 different countries to expose their hidden assets. Our mission is ”To enrich transactions”. To enrich something means to add value, either economically or qualitatively. We do both.

TRAVEAS MEDIA - Traveas is more than a media ad sales company! We are an outsourcing partner for the full process of selling media advertising. Through experience, knowledge and relevance we help our clients to fulfill their obejctives as being, or becoming, a leading media channel. Our mission: "To turn content into value".

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