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EuroFlorist invite companies over the world to join their fundraising model for Haiti

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 21, 2010 22:53 CET

EuroFlorist has given their employees the opportunity to, in the easiest possible way, support the Red 
Cross’ important work in Haiti. By simply sending an email to an internal “Help Haiti” email address the 
employees approve that EuroFlorist withdraw 10 € from their next salary. 100 % of the collected money 
will go directly to the Red Cross’ fundraising for their work in Haiti. EuroFlorist feel that it is important 
to do something as a company as well; consequently EuroFlorist will donate the equivalent sum that is 
raised by the employees.

– We feel that it is important for us, as a company as well as empathic individuals, to give help where 
help is needed… EuroFlorists’ vision is to touch and improve relations – with flowers. If companies – and 
employees – all over the world adopt our fundraising model, we can generate the greatest fundraising 
ever. Whether small or large company, we can all join in and save lives and secure a fast reconstruction of 
Haiti…To take an example; if every company and all employees in Sweden joined in, we could raise 
around 30 million euro – and that’ s only in Sweden, says Lars Höglund, CEO EuroFlorist group.

By their fundraising model EuroFlorist hope to start a fast, easy and efficient reaction, and they want to 
encourage companies to act in corresponding way,

– What if every company around the world would adopt our model? Imagine the difference we could 
make… The sentiment is simple, we can’t do everything, but everyone can do something. EuroFlorist 
have the privilege of working with one of the most emotional products in the world… flowers! Every day 
we touch and affect people’s lives with flowers… and we empathize strongly with the population of Haiti, 
says Lars Höglund.

Consequently, EuroFlorist aim to challenge companies all over the world to adopt this model, and 
by the challenge show what great strength they have if united. EuroFlorist believe it is time to show 
compassion and willpower, helping the people in Haiti – which lives has changed forever – now!

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