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Extend’s new customer – Europe’s leading Industrial Integrator, MAG45

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 15, 2017 16:50 CET

Extend is proud to announce Dutch MAG45 as a new customer which will use the Extend platform to streamline the management of its customer’s inventory.

Extend is in an expansion phase, both nationally and internationally, and in line with that, the company has signed new deals with several customers this autumn, including Europe’s leading Industrial Integrator – MAG45.

Dutch MAG45 is specialized within the Integrated Supply of hard to manage but critical parts and materials. The ability to lower the Total Costs of Ownership by bringing order to the complex and chaotic is the main reason for customers to choose MAG45 as a partner. MAG45 is part of the Solar Group, which Extend has a multiannual partnership with.

”There is few applications on the market with the flexibility to control customer’s inventory with a simple tablet or phone. Correct information at the right time is the basis for high efficiency, and something that we strongly believe in at Extend ” says Pontus Carme, Product Manager Extend.

MAG45 uses the Extend platform to easily and automatically control and replenish their customer’s inventories. Replacement representatives from MAG45 receive daily suggestions on items that need to be ordered and restocked.

”Extend supplements our business system with relevant decision support at the outset of the service chain to provide our customers with the highest level of service. In addition, Extend is easy to use and easy to customize the experience for each customer” Says Erika van Son, Project Manager, MAG45.

To control all customer inventory, MAG45 needed an efficient system that handles all data, automatically provide decision makers with information to ensure the highest quality in delivery and feedback. Another requirement was that the system should work everywhere and have an intuitive way of communicating with customers. The system also needed to be flexible because customer requirements are differentiated, even if the process is the same. Extend provides MAG45 with all the above and the system is integrated with MAG45’s business system for full efficiency.

“Working with Extend as a trusted partner enables the Solar Group to offer best in class value adding services to our clients. Extend are easy to work with, they understand our business and think out of the box with us” says Kristian Duch, Group Supply Chain Project Manager.

For more information, please contact:

Pontus Carme, Product Manager, Extend. +46 (0) 70 695 97 31 or e-mail:

Erika van Son, Project Manager, MAG45. E-mail:

Om Extend

Extend är ett svenskt företag som har utvecklat en plattform för automatisk kontroll och synkronisering av lager-, försäljnings- och orderinformation mot multipla partners, kanaler och marknader. Extends kunder får inbyggd logik och realtidsdata för att kunna styra sina verksamhetsprocesser. Bättre information betyder bättre beslut för att optimera och utveckla ditt företag. Extends plattform är helt modulär och flexibel för att utöka funktionaliteten när du behöver den. För mer information besök

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