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New release concept with business value in focus

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 30, 2017 14:40 CET

Northern Light

Ready to be amazed?

We’re launching a brand new release concept to pay attention to the fact that we are developing pretty awesome features.

From now on, we distinguish between two different types of releases. Firstly, we have the monthly releases that will deliver new functionality as they come out from our development department, both general platform improvements and customer specific features that the whole community can benefit from. We’ll make one release a month, with July and December as the only exception. We’ve decided the first three: 24/1, 21/2 and 21/3. We’ll communicate the next dates quarterly

Secondly, we will, starting November 30th, also have two market-focused releases per year. In those we package large chunks of previous monthly releases, inspired by weather and sky phenomena and focusing on business improvements and how new functions can interact with each other providing high end, state-of-the art business capability to our existing and new customers. We will invite our customers to a physical and/or web-based event to present the main new features and seize the opportunity to interact with our customers. The first one, released tomorrow is Northern Light. This release will be carried out over a time of two weeks and you will be informed the exact date for your release.

The first one, released tomorrow, is Northern Light. This release will be carried out over a time of two weeks and you will be informed the exact date for your release.

Why Northern Light?

According to Nordic mythology The Northern Lights is an omen of good news. But if you ask the ancient Inuit it is the exact opposite – a token of danger and hard times to come. And just like our ancestors we’ll let the Northern Lights guide you. Immediately alerting you when there is disturbance ahead. Providing you peace of mind when everything is smooth.

Letting you overview the entire flow in real time, at all times. Northern Lights puts you in total control. Every variation, every deviation gets exposed before they even occur – creating a situation awareness customized to suit your specific needs.

A ”sixth sence” to your business, and peace of mind

The new Extend BI & Dashboard helps you visualize and take control of your daily operations and see how you perform towards predefined targets. It’s a tool for both an omen of good news, and a token of danger. That’s why we named the release Northern Light!

The new Extend BI & Dashboards puts you in total control. Every variation, every deviation gets exposed before they even occur – creating a situation awareness, customized to suit your specific needs. The dashboard allows you to take control of your data in order to make the right decisions for your business. With real time updates the dashboard lets you focus on deviations in your logistics, inventory, orders, offers and more. This makes the supervision of your operations easy to monitor. Read more about the BI & Dashboard functionality.

General features in Northern Light

Extend is an application in constant evolution. In the Northern Light release, new functionality includes improvements to make your daily work smarter and faster, added control regarding approval processes and new features by which you can create new business opportunities. Everything to support our customers in optimizing their business processes and be more successful.
Here are some of the generic and general improvements within Northern Lights apart from the BI/Dashboard.

  • Improved search feature – customize your columns
  • Improved navigation, displaying in the top where you are.
  • Create new order via ”Copy” and get all connected data and documents
  • Register payment made smarter
  • Subscription to an order- new feature creates new opportunities
  • Get a more secure purchase process by adding approvals
  • Approve customer order after purchase.

Get control of your inventory management

Full new solution for automatization of warehouse fulfillment. Set basic data, create alerts on deviations, set up auto replenishment and get overview of your products, everything per warehouse.

As part of the WMS solution we now offer a range of value added services, (VAS) to improve the performance of your supply chain. An Extend user can add a service product to the order with the purpose that someone at the warehouse will do some value added services. The solution was implemented to support and Solar in their solution to deliver customized charging stations to Tesla, Inc. in Denmark, each station is configured based on the unique requirements.

Learn more about the Northern Light release.

Om Extend

Extend är ett svenskt företag som har utvecklat en plattform för automatisk kontroll och synkronisering av lager-, försäljnings- och orderinformation mot multipla partners, kanaler och marknader. Extends kunder får inbyggd logik och realtidsdata för att kunna styra sina verksamhetsprocesser. Bättre information betyder bättre beslut för att optimera och utveckla ditt företag. Extends plattform är helt modulär och flexibel för att utöka funktionaliteten när du behöver den. För mer information besök

Think small, Extend

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